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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Trevorchef</b></div><div>TO say that the Leafs have NO NEED for a guy like Mayfield is incorrect IMO. They could use a guy like Mayfield. (Strong, defensive RHD with a low AAV and term). I would trade Liljegren straight up for Mayfield right now. I doubt the Isles would though.

The problem is, Mayfield is a lower pairing RHD. He is not what the Leafs need most. (A top pairing RHD).

The Isles would probably have very little need for Johnsson and I do agree that he would be better served as part of another deal that brings back a top pairing RHD.</div></div>

Personally I think Mayfield is nothing more then a #5. Hes not a great skater or a great puck mover who has greatly benefited from the Trotz system. If he wasnt in the island he wouldnt look as good defensively and I don't think hes as good as holl. It's the same thing with Carlo is boston where people think hes fantastic defensively and hes better then mayfield but hes primarily playing against secondary competition and his numbers have skyrocketed from playing with krug. IMO holl is much more valuable then mayfield especially when you consider keefes system.

Right now mayfield is probably better then liljegren but mayfield wpnt be getting any better, liljegren has #3 potential. It would be extremely short sighted to make a move like that. I'm a big fan of gudas and I think he is better then mayfield. Muzzin-Holl Rielly-Gudas and Sandin-Liljegren is at the very least an above average D core when you think about it. When sandin and liljegren take a step and everyone is healthy they all are able to move the puck, defend well and still contribute offensively. They dont need a star #1 to be a true contender, they need to improve their team defense and the defense needs to get better defensively. This season they were above average defenseman but couldn't get a save. Replacing Barrie with Gudas and Ceci with Liljegren will only make them better