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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xqb15a</b></div><div>I didn’t put him in the first pairing but I guarantee I’ve watched him a lot, more than you. I know that when he is engaged and give a specific roll particularly against the opposing teams top player he has a tendency to raise to the occasion because he is big, strong and skate. I know when he isn’t engaged he has a tendency to play flat footed and rely on his sheer size and gets caught out of position. In a 10 game stretch 4 games he will look like an All Star, 2 games he will look good, 2 games he will look average, 1 game he will be invisible and 1 game will be wth. I also know that with the above D Corp he is easily the 3rd best dman. And what stats look rough? He is shot and xg neutral even though he is primarily taking dzone assignments.</div></div>

My bad I read it wrong, I thought it said you were the thread starter but it was the other guy. Is offensive xG is quite weak and generally I dont think getting strictly defensive defensemen for 3rd pairings is good asset management when they are pretty much only going to face bottom competition who arent that hard to shut down anyways. I'd rather have depth guys who are able to contribute offensively.

In his time up the lineup his xGA has dropped dramatically. Hes never been a good puck mover, I like his ability to force dump ins and defend the neutral zone but as he moves up the lineup he'll face more skilled guys who are way faster so that will diminish. He also takes way to many penalties
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