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25 aoû 2020
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Yojimbo</b></div><div>The only team that I understand the motivation for is Vegas.

Vegas: Dumps a bad $7Mx2 contract and gets a 2nd and Crawford out of it? Usually you don't gain from dumping a bad contract, not that Crawford's contract is good.
NJ: Just signed Crawford but they are moving him out for the right to pay $2.5Mx2 retention, a 6/7D and a 3G.
Wash: Needs to pay $4.5Mx2 for a backup goalie that they don't want. Plus, for the right to that (still) bad contract they give away a 2nd, Jensen (near dump), Copley.

Using mostly what you have here...
Vegas would send Fleury and the compensation of the retention (1st, or such) to NJ.
NJ would retain the full $3.5M (Caps can't take a $4.5M hit for Fleury, not even a $3.5M hit, but I'm going with your AGM) and send him to Was
Wash would send out Jensen and Panik (for cap reasons, they are over the cap as it is so they can not bring in $3.5M/$4.5M and only send out $2.5M (Coplay is 90% burried))

- Fleury, 1st
+ Jensen, ($7Mx2 freed cap space)

- $3.5Mx2 cap hit
+ 1st, Panik

- Jensen, Panik
+ Fleury ($3.5Mx2)</div></div>

yours seems more realistic, but Vegas would want a back up goaltender, and I dont think they'd ship a first. How about this:

-Fleury (retaining 500k), whitecloud, 3rd.
+Jensen, Copley

-Half of fleury's remaining cap hit (3.25x2)
+Whitecloud, 2nd, Panik

-Jensen, Panik, Copley
+Fleury (3.25x2)