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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ForsbergForVezina</b></div><div>If it's Ho-Sang or Bellows they're "rushing," I think we probably have much different definitions of that word haha. I'll take the young guy poison any day, as long as they aren't a complete disaster defensively.

As for Barzal, yeah it's hard to see where he's going to end up. My guess from what has been speculated is that Ladd will go to LTIR, which will give us around $9.5 million to play with, which should be enough to keep him around. I've been using $8.250 MM x 6 in the ACGMs I've made recently. It's around what Aho took (OS, I know but I think that was about what he was worth anyways) and then subtracted a little off because Covid. Idk what the term would be but 6 years seems pretty agreeable, makes him a UFA in the middle of his prime. Honestly, it's more likely we see a bridge deal probably, as Barzal probably gets to make more money that way, but I just can't see him getting much more than $8 million when guys like Laine, Point, Tkachuk, DeBrincat, Werenski and McAvoy all got way, way less for 2-3 years.</div></div>

I would doubt we ever see Ho Sang in an isles uni ever again and I would love to see Bellows played more often but the front office just doesn't seem very high on him. That's why I think there may be some younger kid who is "rushed" in the sense of Lou/Barry rather than one of those two. I have a feeling if Ladd doesn't hit LTIR and we move boychuk for less than a first it is picks plus bellows. At this rate who knows when there'll even be another season so no need to rush i guess?
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