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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TheBigFlyera</b></div><div>You mean the reports from both national and local reporters that multiple teams have already reached out about him are false and you’re the one telling the truth? What station do you work with so I can start following! It’s already been reported the Flyers are asking for a 1st, 2nd, and B-level prospect for Provy and even with that known multiple teams reached out about him. Doesn’t seem to me like ur facts are lining up there real well bud.</div></div>

"There is no word on what teams are interested in an Ivan Provorov trade, but with him making $6.750 million the next two season could make it a tough trade for the Flyers unless they eat some of his salary."

"Provorov has struggled for three consecutive seasons. The Flyers haven’t generated enough offense from puck-moving defensemen, and the player they’ve leaned on most has never elevated his game to fill the void. While the absence of a high-end, right-handed partner has certainly worked to his disadvantage, the problems have persisted for too long. He has become careless with the puck with consistent turnovers in the defensive zone, and he doesn’t add the type of offensive value from the point to make him the cornerstone of an effective defensive corps."

"There was some hope the coaching change last summer would help put Ivan Provorov back on an upward trajectory to get him back to the form he showed early in his career. That didn’t happen, even with his playing time being dropped a bit to the lowest it had been since his rookie campaign."

That is literally just what I took from sites trying to find the rumours you talked about. They also tried to suggest on a Philly fan site that he is in the category of Jake Chychrun or Hampus Lindholm. Which even a casual observer over the last few yrs would know is crazy. That said there probably is an old boys club team willing to take him. Can't imagine it'd be higher than a Vancouver 1st in 2024. And it should be probably something like a 2nd.
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