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4 avr 2020
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Viqsi</b></div><div>Steel/Terry: We already have developing project Cs; more are not helpful.
Schmaltz/Dvorak: The Coyotes aren't exactly flush with centers either, so it'll probably cost too much. But if the opportunity is there, maybe.
Eichel: We don't have the right assets to make it happen.
Reinhart: Not actually a C.
Monahan: Goal-scorer so wouldn't fit with Laine, and I fear they'll ask for #1C prices, which is too much.
Backlund: As you said, the contract term is dangerous.
Kadri: Newhook isn't that close yet so they won't be motivated to move him.
Turcotte/Vilardi: Won't be ready soon enough to realistically help.
Duchene/Johansen: Too expensive and the term is dangerous.
Hughes/Hischier: Neither will plausibly be moved for what we have to offer.
Nelson: Nobody available to take his place over there so the cost will be too high.
Chityl: Doesn't have sufficient upside or sufficient experience to be worth what it'd take to get him (he's not going to be the #1C we need, and he's too young to be a decent mentor to the folks we have already).
Strome: Maybe, if the Rangers don't ask for too much.
Hayes: Disaster contract in the making.
Patrick: Same as Steel/Terry.
Hertl: Maybe, but I suspect San Jose wants to keep him.
Cirelli: Would be great if it can be done but I'm not sure what we can meaningfully provide to Tampa Bay that would entice them to give him up.
Glass/Krebs: Same as Turcotte/Vilardi.
Karlsson: Why would they trade their #1C while they're competing?
Kuznetsov: Maybe, if the Capitals don't ask for too much.
RNH: Have you seen his production 5-on-5? He's probably going to ask for more than he deserves.
Danault: My favorite option, but still likely to be a tad pricey.
Krejci: If he'll take a short-term deal, could be an excellent option.</div></div>

Reinhart has played some C lately and has good numbers there