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Is Sakic Planning to start the year with the same crappy team from last year?

15 sep 2017 à 9 h 59
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Seriously? They were by far the worst team in the league and he has made no changes. They are going to fill out the rest of their D with Rookies? They are going to have a worse D core than last year and thats saying something. Duchene will not get traded until Sakic is fired. Also just heard a clip of Button saying he loves what Sakic is doing so you know he is doing a really bad job.
15 sep 2017 à 10 h 44
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Very different to the team that bombed last year. No more Tyutin, Beauchemin, Mitchell, Iginla etc. Exciting young rookies, a decent add in Wilson. A (hopefully fully healed and rested Varly). An EJ without a broken leg for half a season (we hope). Sure a lot of inexperience....... but I'd rather watch them than watch the tired old stuff we saw most of last year. Bednar will have had time to prepare this year too, let's not forget the mess the season started out with. Highly doubt Meloche starts the season with the big team. If Zads isn't signed or a trade made then I would expect you're right other than switch Bigras to the RHD as he is able to play both sides and put Lindholm in on the left.
19 sep 2017 à 14 h 43
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Tough to make a trade when the only teams that might would make the deals, can't because of cap implications. January or later seems like the time to trade, especially if injuries by contenders make necessary to get a player.
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