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Philadelphia Flyers signed Chris Stewart (1 Year / $753,757 AAV)

Was this a good signing?
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22 oct 2019 à 17 h 36
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Quoting: Brian2016
But you need to ensure that you have the cap space for Rielly when his contract doesexpire. He could def. cost $10M+ AAV. I just don't think the Leafs can win in the playoffs w/ 3-4 of their top six D on ELC's or minimum contracts. And that's what'll happen if they re-sign Barrie.

But I just said ... they COULD just trade Nylander WHEN they need to sign Rielly .... meaning they can keep both + Barrie for the next 3 seasons.

Who knows what the cap will be by then ... they could also just trade Barrie in 3 years if they don't give him a full NTC.
22 oct 2019 à 17 h 59
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Stewart....the one way contract means nothing. He can still be sent to the AHL and he gets his NHL pay.

The Leafs defence situation next season Leafs are have Reilly, Dermot Sandin and Liljegren. Three open spots....They might have only about 8 m to fill those three spots. Not a big deal, if they need more cap space, they could trade a winger like Kapanen or Johnsson as the Leafs think Marlies Korshov, Engvall should be NHL ready next year.
Why do folks keep bringing the silly subjective of the Leafs not being able to sign Barrie, Muzzin or Ceci. They are UFAs, Leafs have no hold on them. Other teams loose their UFAs...why can't the Leafs? Most rational hockey fans know that Barrie and Ceci were not in Leafs long term plans, maybe not even Muzzin.
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