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Chicago was rumored to have been offered a 1st and a top prospect this deadline for Saad but turned it down. So if Danault is "totally worth a middle 6 roster player + 1st (in this case Mitchell) and a 2nd." and Saad is worth a 1st and a top prospect the trade should be Saad (1st and 2nd) + Nylander (middle six player) for Danault basically (Based on the value of Saad and what you think Danault gets). If the trade is Saad + Nylander the Habs have no reason to do it IMO but that is what a fair trade is based on this "simple math" that you like to use my friend. Also, no chance you will get Mitchell. Untouchable.

You can argue all you want that Danault is better than Stone by the analytics and position but hockey is more than just those numbers. People who use analytics think their opinion is better just because they have the numbers. Hockey is so much more than that and the eye test is still 100% valuable. I will take Stone over Danault 8 times outta 10.

Edit: Also how are you going to link an article that only shows Danault's stats. Stone had more takeaways, less giveaways, more blocks and more points.

<a href=";std_sk_range=%22Seasons%22&amp;std_sk_pos=%22All%22&amp;std_sk_str=%22All%22&amp;std_sk_age1=%2217%22&amp;std_sk_season=%2220192020%22&amp;dir=%22Skater%20Tables%22&amp;std_sk_dft_yr=%22All%22&amp;std_sk_table=%22Box%20Score%22&amp;std_sk_adj=%22No%20Adjustment%22&amp;std_sk_info=%22No%22&amp;std_sk_span=%22Regular%22&amp;std_sk_group=%22Team%2C%20Season%22&amp;std_sk_type=%22Totals%22&amp;std_sk_toi=%2250%22&amp;std_sk_age2=%2250%22&amp;std_sk_team=%22All%22&amp;std_sk_players=%5B%22Phillip%20Danault%22%2C%22Mark%20Stone%22%5D" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">;std_sk_range=%22Seasons%22&amp;std_sk_pos=%22All%22&amp;std_sk_str=%22All%22&amp;std_sk_age1=%2217%22&amp;std_sk_season=%2220192020%22&amp;dir=%22Skater%20Tables%22&amp;std_sk_dft_yr=%22All%22&amp;std_sk_table=%22Box%20Score%22&amp;std_sk_adj=%22No%20Adjustment%22&amp;std_sk_info=%22No%22&amp;std_sk_span=%22Regular%22&amp;std_sk_group=%22Team%2C%20Season%22&amp;std_sk_type=%22Totals%22&amp;std_sk_toi=%2250%22&amp;std_sk_age2=%2250%22&amp;std_sk_team=%22All%22&amp;std_sk_players=%5B%22Phillip%20Danault%22%2C%22Mark%20Stone%22%5D</a>