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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Radu47</b></div><div>Why are sens fans so incredibly high on pinto

It's possible Jordan Kawaguchi carried him at UND

Norris barely has 1C potential but apparently pinto does too now... ? Wow they have might technically have four 1st line centers in future. 🤪

(Pinto, Norris, Stutzle and Btkachuk)

Tempered expectations with prospects and young players always so crucial... so easy to get carried away with imagination; it's a helluva drug</div></div>

Not defending this proposal by any means... Just Norris and Pinto.

Norris barely has 1C potential?? He literally finished 30th in points for Centers, while having pretty good faceoff numbers and matching up against the better centers in the league. All as a 21 year old. And you say he barely has 1C potential lol. I'd say he was technically already a 1C this season, just at the lowest end. But again he just turned 22.

Also if you actually watched North Dakota games instead of only looking at stats, you'd know that Pinto was not carried by Kawaguchi. If anything, it was the other way around. Look at the difference between Kawaguchi's sophomore season stats without Pinto and junior season stats with Pinto. But again, watch the games... Alsl, Pinto played 12 games in the NHL this year as a 20 year old and had 7 points, and most definitely passed the eye test. Ottawa only lost 3 of 12 games with him in the lineup. Expecting him to be a 1C is silly, but regardless he's going to be a player.

All of this leads me to this question... How much have you watched Pinto and Norris play?

Anyways, that aside, Ottawa is not in play for Eichel. They're not ready for that yet, let these young players continue to develop. Look at NYI and Vegas and MTL, I'd rather a team full of good players vs a team with only a few superstars and no depth (Tampa has both so they don't count)
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Would love to lock up Brady and Drake long term but I doubt they do it. I see 3 year deals on the table for both of them, Brady probably between 6-7M, and Drake between 5-6M. Would also try to lock Norris up long term but again, doubt the player would do that.

As for the team, they look really good lately. Zaitsev has had a great bounce back year, but Chabot still needs a better partner. If they can get that, watch out. Brannstrom and Zub is probably the most underrated 2nd pair in the league, even given the small sample size. JBD could be Chabot's partner but that remains to be seen. Oh and don't forget Sanderson will be joining the team next spring, hopefully for a playoff push.

Can't quite say they'll be a playoff team with Tampa, Toronto, Florida and Boston all better than them and in the same division. I think they will be able to compete with Montreal, as they have this year, and are currently about a year or so ahead of Detroit in their rebuild. Who the hell knows with Buffalo but they might tear things down again. But nonetheless; a very tough division to make the playoffs. I expect them to be in the running come the TDL, and that would be a fairly successful season in my eyes.

This offseason they need to:

A) lock up Brady/Drake and not let them get offer sheeted (Ottawa is a prime target for offer sheets as they might not be able to match signing bonus structures)
B) figure out which goalie they want to protect between Daccord and Gustavsson (i'd go Gus just because of the age and track record, plus SEA might be hesitant to take Daccord after his injury.
C) Find Chabot his long-term partner
D) leverage teams in cap trouble

Going to be a huge few months for this team but I think they have a great U24 core in place with Tkachuk, Chabot, Stutzle, Sanderson, Norris, Batherson, Brannstrom, Formenton, Pinto, White, JBD, Gus/Daccord in the NHL, with Greig, Thomson, Jarventie, Sokolov, Crookshank and Soogard looking good in Belleville and might join the team in a couple of years when ready to contend. Logan Brown still a wildcard in my eyes.

Oh don't forget a top 10 pick this year. This team can be scary good in 2 years.
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