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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Pensfan89</b></div><div>There are several problems with this.
1.) Sully’s system works best when the d pairs have a lefty and righty playing on their regular sides.
2.) The pens won’t trade for bellows unless they have the intention to play him. He would have to go through waivers being sent down and there is no way he doesn’t get claimed by a team like Arizona.
3.) why sign Trochek and Domi when you can use that money to sign Barkov. Florida has too many free agents to sign to be able to afford big money for Barkov. They only have 14-15 million in cap space with several key contracts to sign. By sending Panik to the AHL, or better yet, not trading for him at all you’ll have the money to sign Barkov. If not Barkov, then Hertl.
4.) Matheson absolutely should not go back to being paired with Marino. Them paired together was an absolute dumpster fire. POJ likely gets paired with Marino if Pettersson is traded.
5.) At least Hallander and Poulin will be on the team next year. If not Legare and possibly Puustinen making a push at some point.</div></div>

Says Lauzon can play both sides

can play bellows over panik and sure POJ and Marino sounds good
this lineup is very flexible

also pens signing Barkov is highly unrealistic, he’ll be back in Florida they’ll prioritize him over all their other FA’s

And I also don’t think rushing Poulin and Hallander is a good thing, especially Hallander with his lack of experience on NA ice