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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hockey_Mind</b></div><div>He's not a great 2nd line player with that cap hit. He needs to be their top forward, and he's statistically likely to only be that for the next 3-4 years. That is a win-now window to me.

They core are all in their primes, or entering their primes now in Laine's case. The youth is developing. Jenner is a good 2C, but ideally KJ (or maybe Bedard/Fantilli) can step into the 1C role within the next two years. Marchenko, Chinakov and Sillinger should become reliable middle-6 guys over the next couple seasons, but the defense needs to improve drastically.

Even with the addition of Jiricek - assuming he's impactful since it's looking like he's going to be an animal - they need two more top-4 guys. Boqvist could still develop into that, but I do not have a strong belief in him due to his size, strength and skating limitations, and I have to assume Gavrikov is going to be gone until we get some kind of evidence to the contrary.

I also realize that a lot hinges on the goaltending and if Elvis can rebound or Tarasov and step up. Big ifs, I know, but goaltending is so up and down it's impossible to predict. They have good talent there, they just need those guys to hone in.</div></div>

The Jackets have an excess of middling talent that they need to try to convert into a higher-end peice or two. Roslovic and Boqvist just aren't impactful players and we have other guys in the organization that can fill their roles (Sillinger, Jiricek).