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Montreal V5 GM
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15 mai 2020
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Forum: GM Game 2019-20Mon at 2:55 pm
Welcome to the first season of V5! Here’s everything that you need to know and do for the next little while.


The first scoring period of October will go through Oct 13 to Nov 13, with rosters on 10/31 will be used for scoring. What does this mean? You need to have a 20 man active roster (18 SKT 2 G) with a maximum of 3 scratches. Your team page on October 31 will be scored with stats from the 13th to the 13th. PLAYERS ON IR WILL NOT BE SCORED so if you have a player that is day to day on IR you might want to move him in your scratches or active lineup.


Somewhere is your description, you must have your coaching style listed. These styles give slight boosts to certain lines so if you have McDavid and Draisaitl on your first line you might want to use top heavy or if you have a stacked top 6 F you might want to have a top 6 heavy style. If you do not have a coaching style in your description you will have the Standard style inputted. For my sake put your style near the top of your description. These are all the styles and what they do:

Standard – aptly named, this is a generic usage strategy for a team that leans on better players but doesn’t break their backs. 10%, 6%, and 4% bonuses to forward lines 1, 2, and 3, respectively. 10% and 6% bonuses to defense pairs 1 and 2, respectively.
Top-Heavy – this strategy is for teams that heavily rely on their top line and top pair. 20% bonus to forward line 1. 20% bonus to defense pair 1.
Balanced – Rolling all four lines and three pairs? 8% bonus to all four forward lines and all three defensive pairs.
Heavy Top6F – self-explanatory, suitable for a team that gets their top 2 lines out there as much as possible. 15% bonuses for forward lines 1 and 2. 6% and 2% bonuses to defense pairs 1 and 2.
Heavy Top4D – you should get it by now… 20% boost to defense pairs 1 and 2. 6% and 2% bonuses for forward lines 1 and 2.
Forum: GM Game 2019-20 4 oct à 13 h 26
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>flamesfan419</b></div><div>WAIVERS

Based on recent reactions, WAIVERS will revert to the previous system. Which means...

This can take place from MONDAY, TUESDAY &amp; WEDNESDAY

Teams may place a claim on any player who was wiaved from Mon-Wed on THURSDAY, FRIDAY &amp; SATURDAY

The goal here will be to have all waiver awards posted on SUNDAY

So, to recap....


Thank you for your time and recent feedback.

**This all starts on Monday Oct 4th however any placements/claims prior to Oct 1 will be honored.**
No placements or claims between Oct 1-3, please.</div></div>


All players that are waiver-eligible that you DONT want in the NHL have to pass through waivers, even if when you created your team page that player was in the AHL.

For example:
When I created a Montreal acgm to use for the game, players like Xavier Ouellet, Brandon Baddock, Laurent Dauphin were in the AHL. Those players are waiver eligible and have to pass through waivers. They are in the AHL section because CapFriendly predicts that they will clear and play in the AHL. You can check if a player is waiver eligible or not by looking at the official team page <a href="https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/canadiens">MTL team page</a> and seeing if a player has a green arrow or not. If they do not have an arrow and you DONT want them in the NHL they have to go on waivers. You can check if a player is waiver exempt by searching for them <a href="https://www.capfriendly.com/waivers-calculator">here</a>.

Players with a NMC can not be placed on waivers (Price, J. Staal, etc.)

If you have any further questions about waivers or anything game related please dm a bog member.
Forum: Armchair-GM26 sep à 18 h 22