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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>tjk</b></div><div>I agree with your assessment. Some of these deals don't make sense though.

Sabres and Broberg aren't a fit, plus Krebs has more value. Then why would we pay for Wahlstrom? makes more sense just to have the Broberg/Wahlstrom swap.

Seeler deal is meh, a bit of an overpay.

I don't like the Mrazek deal but your reasoning is okay so I'm not gonna hate.</div></div>

Buffalo has been linked to and had interest in Hanifin this year. Yes there’s a skill difference with him and Broberg, but Broberg is younger and under more team control. Could be something that interests them if they miss out on Hanifin. &amp; I highly disagree about Krebs value. He was drafted the same year as Broberg and really hasn’t developed into a top 9 guy at all. Edmonton would be banking on him being close to home to give him a jolt and maybe progress more - I’d love him on a line with McLeod.

As for Wahlstrom, I don’t think Broberg is a fit there. The left side is their stronger side of defensive depth in the system and they already have Romanov and Bolduc at the same age as Broberg, not to mention Pelech signed long term too. I can’t see Broberg fitting in much there. The right side needs some work, hence the idea of moving Wanner who’s been very good in Bakersfield.

Seeler probably is an overpay, but again teams are going to make Edmonton overpay cause no one wants to help them out.

Mrazek isn’t the best option, but may be the only option that could come with retention. The price isn’t great, but Foegele is probably not re-signing in the off-season and the pick isn’t that valuable to the Oilers who are trying to win now and that player wouldn’t help for at least 3-5 years anyways. I compared the deal to DeSmith getting traded to Vancouver last summer so it seems reasonable.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gmgb</b></div><div>Zadorov is three years older than Fabbro, a rental, makes $1.25M more, and CGY didn't retain any salary, like you're asking NSH to do. I don't think they're especially comparable.

I'd ballpark Fabbro's value at a 2nd and a 4th, without any retention. I don't see NSH being eager to give up their final retention spot on such an insignificant amount here. Especially if they're trying to trade Barrie, who'd likely require NSH to retain.

Before Novak's injury, I would have said a late 1st for him. Because he got hurt, there may need to be conditions on that pick, tied to Novak's health/performance. He's a legit top six center at a cap hit so low, even a team like TOR could fit him in. A 3rd and Nolan Patrick 2.0 isn't going to get it done.</div></div>

Now it honestly feels like you’re just nitpicking a bit too much..

If that’s your value on Fabbro, then the value here is fine. Moldenhauer is a very good prospect. Creates a lot offensively. Then I’ve included a 3rd which is higher than the 4th you’ve suggested so that adds value, and the 5th is for the retention since it’s only 25% of his salary for maybe 15 games of Fabbro.

Novak is a tough one because of the injury and he wouldn’t play centre in Toronto. But Robertson has performed well this year and every year he’s played in the AHL, he’s worth taking a shot on and has a bit of the gritty style to him. Conditions would be tricky without Toronto having many early picks, and I don’t think any conditions would be included that could make it a 1st round pick cause that’s just too high. A little ironic how you use Robertson’s injury history against him but barely mention Novak’s.

The value doesn’t seem that far off based on what you’ve said tbh.
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