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GM Game v5???

17 aoû 2020 à 14 h 13
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Mr Cap Friendly votes no to resounding applause.
17 aoû 2020 à 14 h 32
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Modifié 17 aoû 2020 à 15 h 11
no and bring back trade limits but only for Paolo and Rob
Turner33 a aimé ceci.
17 aoû 2020 à 14 h 34
Calgary GM v4
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I voted YES, but also said I would accept whatever the final vote turns out to be.

But as you all know, I do have questions/concerns....and I fully understand these might only be relevant to me but I'll share anyway.

-How will the game move forward when teams at the top won't make deals, because they're at the top?
-That being the case it eliminates maybe 8-10 teams who like where they are and don't feel the need to make trades.
-If those team do make trades they'll clearly want high end players while only prepared to give up nothing to get them.
-If that happens it essentially means the other team involved needs to be "tanking" in some way.
-What exactly is the point of "tanking" since any picks acquired will never make an impact in the game.
-The original 2yr plan for v4 was great, but again refer to point 1
-I'm a perfect example, made the playoffs in like 10th spot, so naturally I'd like to move up but to do that means adding impact players
-Because of my thinking, refer to point 2, why would any of the teams just ahead of me make a trade with me where my team gets better by making their team worse
-That said, why would I want to make deals with the next 6-8 teams behind me so they get better and I get worse
-There is ZERO incentive for the bottom end teams to even do anything. If their target is to be top 5 in the draft, they're doing nothing to even try to get better.
-Teams are sitting on huge amounts of open cap space just waiting for FA to start and they'll sign the better players, but that takes those players off the market for the entire second year of the game (by rule)

There is no perfect solution, but over time the game has continued to evolve and change. This will be no different and I'm happy to be part of the evolution.
monops19 et mhockey91 a aimé ceci.
17 aoû 2020 à 14 h 36
Still a Leafs Fan
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Quoting: Pointerr21
No, and if we're keeping the same teams for a v5 with foster resets y'all can get ****ed

wouldnt we get a random team and then swap teams like last time
flamesfan419 et monops19 a aimé ceci.
17 aoû 2020 à 16 h 32
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This is silly, I vote no.
DirtyDangles et Mr_cap a aimé ceci.
17 aoû 2020 à 17 h 15
Démarrer sujet
TBL GM and BOG v4
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I myself am voting NO.
Paolino et DirtyDangles a aimé ceci.
17 aoû 2020 à 19 h 42
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Quoting: hanson493
Im with this except the opposite, like if we started v5 and i got to KEEP the kings ide say yes. otherwise hell nah.

You just want Byfield
17 aoû 2020 à 20 h 56
Rejoint: jun 2019
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Quoting: Pointerr21

Stutzle*, but nah i want the plethora of draft picks theyve had over the last 2 years. That team is prospect rich. Do an acgm of them its crazy.
18 aoû 2020 à 19 h 15
Rejoint: mar 2017
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I'll follow the crowd, but if there is a v5 I will be stepping aside and let someone else take over
hanson493 a aimé ceci.
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