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San Jose Sharks signed Patrick Marleau (1 Year / $700,000 AAV)

Was this a good signing?
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9 oct 2019 à 17 h 26
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I’m really happy that Patty is back in the NHL. He has a remarkable consecutive games streak that lasted throughout his entire 30’s! NHL officials have confirmed that his game streak is still intact - he didn’t have a contract so there’s no games to have missed! Who can say they never missed a day of work thru their entire 30’s?! I swear it’s those ice baths he takes in between every period (this is true).

Unless he has a crazy turn-back-the-clock season (a la Jagr) this will certainly be his last. So he won’t set the record for Ironman streaks but if he plays the last 75 games of the season, he’ll end up at 863 consecutive games played (4th or 5th all-time depending on if Keith Yandle, a dozen games in front of Marleau, continues his streak through 2019/20). The record, remember is 964 (Doug Jarvis) which would require another season plus 20 games in the next season to break. Crazier things have happened but this is likely Marleau’s swan song.
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12 oct 2019 à 10 h 10
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Two way deal ?????
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