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Toronto Maple Leafs:
Toronto got a lot better this offseason. I don’t love the idea of picking up like 50 bottom 6 players as they did but it’s really a win win scenario for them. They may have a overflow of potential players to the point where some maybe not get a NHL spot and could be traded later on, but a surplus is always better than a lack of depth. Toronto will have many different “cogs” to rotate and try out in their machine. They have a lot of potential if they can find the right fits and balance their cap. Adds like Jumbo and Simmonds are good moves to bring stability to the bottom 6 and they have a few characters who could fit nicely in their top6 who are paid under a mil or just over (soup boy, nic r, vesey, kerfoot too if they find jumbo well at 3C). And obviously Brodie (while not my favourite choice they made) adds a great amount of stability to their backend and will definitely improve their team.

Overall the leafs got better and also have a ton of options with all their signing adds, prospect potential, and call ups.

This team is 2nd if not 1st.

Montreal Canadians:
I love the moves this team made in getting a incredibly deep offence. Toffoli will be huge, especially for his cap hit. Anderson is a wildcard - he could make this team lethal, or blunder near 6 mil in cap space. This team should be 3rd - but this is the deepest division next year so there’s a case for 4th. But also a case for 2nd.

Vancouver Canucks:
I don’t love the choice of losing Markstrom but it made sense. Adding schmidt for dirt cheap was great for them, and getting holtby is huge gamble that could payoff. This team needs money for the future so while they didn’t exactly improve 10 fold, they didn’t get much worse. Holtby and Demko will decide if this team is 3rd or missing the playoffs.

Edmonton Oilers:
I think they’ve done a lot of good this offseason but losing klefbom hurts a lot. As well as they need to hope their goaltending holds strong again. But they made some great pick ups at the same time. Turris at 1mil is huge, I think that’ll be a underrated signing - he’s got no more baggage and no he’s gets to prove himself. Kahun under a mil is criminal as he’s definitely banking on getting paid by playing with Leon or Connor. Kids gonna make money next season and odds are the oilers do not pay him if he puts up unreal numbers, so expect a wild ride for 1 season. And while I love to knock Barrie I think he’s a good fit in EDM (never thought he was awesome to begin with in TO). With klefbom gone to Barrie will get more time and more pp1 time/ more offensive zone starts. Not saying he’ll be a stud but I think he could do well (just as easily burn out or light it up - but I think he won’t burn out). This team is first or second - especially if their goaltending holds up and they can survive losing klefbom as time that he would eat up.

Calgary Flames:
There’s still some work to be done on their roster imo. But Markstrom is a huge add. This team could easily be top 3 or be out of the picture. The way it is with these Canadian teams - they all got better. The Simon and tanev pick ups are very helpful tho.

Winnipeg Jets:
Assuming Helly plays well, this team has no reason to regress. With rookies Samberg and Heinola getting shots this year they could easily get a solid top4 filled out. This team has all the tools to put together a playoff run - they just got to figure it out. A TDL add would be huge for them - which I expect them to make waves at TDL.

Ottawa Senators:
Lol Ottawa woulda loved to be in the Atlantic division. They made a ton of moves and spent a ton of money - too bad every other team who was already better than them; each got better. The Canadian division is the toughest division now and will be the hardest to predict. Ottawa could have made a push for the wildcard in the Atlantic - now I’m not so sure. Murray, Dadonov will be big - Norris and some kids called up will definitely be exciting. There will be some exciting hockey in the nations capital.

It’s also way to hard to tell that this div will take 2 wildcard spots over the Atlantic + metro (maybe a central team gets moved in idk) mix
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Whether we all disagree a lot I think it’s a good discussion to see on Hertl. I think going to analytical is too much and going all eye test is also to much.

Imo I think a lot of good points were made on both ends. In my belief Hertl is elite, but that’s based off how we view other players. Some of us brought up the “ranks” of players. Hertl is elite, Jones is elite. Eichel, Matthews aren’t elite their “superstars/ near franchise players”. Crosby, McDavid are franchise players. A lot of this depends on how we each view other players and that causes a lot of disparity I think. I view Barzal as a elite for example but would I rather have Hertl or Barzal - easily Barzal at this point. They’re both elite but not the same at all. Hertl’s eye test is huge for me and I view him every year for over 50-60 regular season games (its hard to be a sharks fan on the east coast and catch all regular season games but I ensure to see all playoffs). He’s been my top rated sharks player for a while - I thought he was our best player even when Pavs was here in 2018-19. 19-20 I believed the same thing. In the playoffs even, in 18-19 I believed Hertl made a huge difference. Analytically Hertl gains a stronger case, but once again as many have you have said - his point totals aren’t eye popping and to be elite he needs to drive point totals higher but also he’s not all points. And he’s also dealt with career detailing injuries that probably have stifled his full potential and hurt his career (unfortunately Dustin Brown is a person, lol jk I’ve kinda forgiven/ gave up that ill will).

I think it’s fair to say Hertl is just a good 1C, but I also believe it’s fair to say he’s elite - it’s a lot of subjectivity but in my rankings I would say Hertl is elite, but not near the top of the food chain by any means.