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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Lenny7</b></div><div>For sure.

I'm curious to see what the Leafs do...everyone around here usually gets dumped on when they move either of Marner or Nylander, and rightfully so with the majority of the deals that are proposed, but I'm just not sure how they manage to fill that RD hole without going big.

My opinion is that they should avoid trying to swing for a home run with the guys that are going to be overpriced, but are popular names around here among Leaf fans (Ekblad, Pesce, Dumba, Pietrangelo, Manson, etc.), and go for a reliable, second tier guy that offers some salary flexibility. Cernak has been popular here, but I really don't think Tampa moves him, especially given the fact that he's going to be one of the few guys that they can resign for a reasonable price.

-Nick Jensen from the Caps might be an under the radar guy...cost certainty and reliable in his own end (Though there's zero offensive upside, but the Leafs don't really need that in the first place, right?).
-Hamonic on a 2 year, $4 mil deal might not be a bad pickup if he's 100% healthy.
-Maybe Justin Braun? Not super flashy, but extremely consistent, and you wouldn't have to break the bank to make it happen.

Even looking at it though, maybe it's not going to be the biggest issue. Leafs have:

Rielly, Muzzin, Holl, Sandin, Dermott (?), Liljegren, and then Rosen (ugh) as depth. It's not as bad as Leafs threads make it out to be. Maybe all you really need is as solid, veteran UFA depth option as a 6th/7th dman (Would depend on how Liljegren looks in the fall, or if the Leafs want him to play some more big minutes in the minors).</div></div>

Honestly after this year they need to trade 1 major piece to improve their overall team. And it shouldn’t be Nylander. Even I have kicked Nylander around like a soccer ball but he’s been stellar this year. Arguably the leafs best player; we especially noticed that this last leafs road trip.

I’m be interested to talk with yourself and other leafs fans (as there’s not much talk with the sharks that’s fun).
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I personally believe you gotta move a core piece but not for parts. For a core piece back. Matthews and Nylander should stay imo; marner although just really touchy subject a maybe, Tavares is a no because C but also I think he’s been really ofF this year.

Nylander is the likely the odd man out even tho he should be kept.

Values are so varying because we say Nylander many fans of other teams may still think of last years Nylander and so NO NOT EVEN CLOSE blah blah; but he is a top winger and out performed his peers this year. For example if I’m toronto I would believe Nylander could fetch a top pairing d man + a good prospect or a top 4 d and a nhl ready high talent. Like what would opinions of :



Ryan Ellis
+???? (Good value added)
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