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Forum: Colorado Avalanche27 sept. 2022 à 15 h 25
I hate the avs, but you can never deny great hockey when its on display. my thoughts-
1. I think Colorado likely wins the central or comes in a very close second to the only other possible contender for the division title in St. Louis IMO. Top 3 in the west is a lock.

2. Unless there is a horrible struggle to start the season, I dont think you can break up Mack, Gabe, Makar and Rantanen. The 5th man is probably either Lehky or chush. But you never know, Newhook, Erod or Compher could realistically see time at some point on that first unit. depending on if they roll with 2 D on the second unit like they did at points last year, I would think its Toews for sure and Girard getting that second spot, with Byram getting some looks. Forwards are dependent on who the 5th man on the first unit is.

3. I think they are going to have another great season and guys are all going to have either a season to match the last one or an even better one. Aside from the top line, I think Chush will have another great season I think hes really got some confidence now. Newhook i think will have a breakout year with a lot of opportunity to play 2C likely. And Lehkonen will have a great year now that he gets a full season to play with the team and possibly get some time on the first line. Erod is the wildcard for me. I eager to see how hes plays. When Pittsburgh had a ton of injuries the first half of last years regular season, Rodrigues had an insane amount of points given how hes never been known as being a guy for putting up that kind of production. But when players started to return from injury, Erod got slid further down the lineup, and I could personally see his play get worse as that happened. For me I honestly think hes the kind of guy who needs to have a bigger role and ice time to match it, and he will produces for the team. I think if he plays on the third line for most of the year, he likely wont have that great a season unfortunately, but then that creates problems for either Lehkonen or Nichushkin. We will just have to see how it works out in colorado. Overall i don't know whats up with the lines cause helm is the 4C so

4. I couldnt tell you.

5. I hope Francouz plays solid early, i really want him have a shot at a regular starter job if he can be consistent. I could say honestly this is a tossup for me. I think they are likely a tandem until someone gets hot.
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Forum: Armchair-GM20 sept. 2022 à 18 h 14
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Logan_Ollivier</b></div><div>It's hard to say for sure, but I think the teams that do struggle or have potential to struggle (Boston, Washington, Florida and possibly the Rangers) there are other teams likely to take a step forward (New Jersey if they are healthy, Ottawa if their defence surprises) will also push hard. In any case, the Islanders were a team that got pretty lucky with Trotz's system and got way better results than their underlying numbers said they should. A return to the medium and another year older won't make things work better. Could they make the playoffs? Maybe but it will be a wild card spot and only because Washington or Boston really struggle while they wait for their injured players to get healthy. The Islanders just aren't fast enough, or skilled enough to compete with the top teams in the east. Especially without the Trotz system</div></div>

yeah I think boston, washington and florida will all struggle early. but i think that teams who are expected to be better like columbus, ottawa, detroit and new jersey wont be as flaming hot as some are predicting. Im expecting a much much more balanced eastern conference this year with a lot of teams fighting late into the season. I completely agree tho. Islanders are no way in the class of being able to compete with Tampa, Carolina, Pittsburgh, Rangers or Toronto in terms of their ceiling of play. I think a wildcard is what theyll be fighting for as I have the rangers winning the division and carolina and pittsburgh at 2 and 3.
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