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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>oilsince95</b></div><div>Oh I agree, and I commend him for playing the waiting game with Pulju. I'm just thinking from my perspective, NYR are perhaps the only team out there that are in a position that might make Pulju look attractive right now. Most other teams will just want to exchange an equally struggling prospect with less pedigree/potential.

However, as far as actually increasing value in Europe...I highly doubt that happens. Hell Gusev was just traded for a 2nd and a 4th and the guy won the KHL scoring title by 13 points. At that rate, if Pulju went and got 50 points in the KHL next season (which would be astonishing), do you really think he's be worth more than a 3rd? Unfortunately, I think the only place for Pulju to increase his value woudl be with good play int eh OIlers top 6 RW...probably the only team in the league right now where a spot like that is for the taking...but he doesn't want it. What a dumb tactic my god...</div></div>

He just hated his time playing in Edmonton, and they probably wouldn't give him the opportunity to play in the Top 6 based on his play thus far - because can you blame them? Right now his value is beneath the floor honestly, his NHL career has been a bust so far, and teams don't like to take that massive risk generally. A 3rd round pick is probably what they can hope out of him, but maybe I'm being pessimistic

I do agree that the Rangers would probably be the only team interested in buying, especially with this year I don't think the expectations are that high and they can afford the risk - but Namestnikov has been pretty decent for them all things considered, and I think they would rather shed a different contract instead. Especially since their next best option for a 2nd line center right now is Ryan Strome...
Forum: Armchair-GM20 aoû 2019 à 14 h 55