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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RipNasty</b></div><div>The Hawks are really thin on RD. End of statement. Jones is the worst contract in the game. Murphy is only good because he's the best defensive defenceman on a team that has none. Including Murphy who isn't very good.</div></div>

Huberdeau (you know the guy that put up 55 points last season, is on pace for 45 this year and is owed 10.5 per for 7 more years) says hello. Jones is overpaid 1-2 million which if the cap goes up significantly as projected the next couple of Summers won't mean much as new contracts for as much or more become the norm. RHD that can eat 25 minutes a game have value. Jones at 8 million per is a player/contract most of teams in the league would love to have. Jones and Murphy are far from the best top pairing or middle pair RHD respectively in the league, but they are far from the worst even if Jones is a bit overpaid. In fairness to both, no RHD is going to look good with a team built to contend for winning the lottery where the best LHD last season was McCabe (for 3/4ers of the year) and this season is a revolving door of kids under 22 or in the case of Korchinski still a teenager.

You personally don't want Murphy....I get it. If you don't think adding Murphy as opposed to rolling Brodie, McCabe, and Liljegren with Benoit playing 18 minutes a night as a bandaid 2nd pairing wouldn't help, I don't know what to tell you other than good luck with that D core in the playoffs and you better hope the Leafs find someone. Murphy (or someone) slides McCabe back to strengthen the LHD and slide Benoit down the lineup to the 14-15 minutes he should be playing.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hawksguy81</b></div><div>Just to clarify, this team is for next season, not this one, so the Hawks current injury issues don't play into it. In a deal for Murphy, even without retention, Krebs and Clifton are throw ins at best value wise to the Hawks. Krebs by your own description is a "flyer" guy. Clifton is a downgrade to Murphy no matter how you want to look at it. Is that really a smart move? Neither guy is more than a short term, fill in piece. A Murphy trade has to be for futures that push the rebuild forward, or you don't make the trade. That 2nd and one of Buffalo's good young F prospects? That makes way more sense. Multiple picks? That makes more sense. This offer is selling really low on Murphy IMO.</div></div>

I'll confess I am not a big believer of Murphy as a future piece (at all) and while he may be a decent bridge piece to try to transition some of the young D the next couple of seasons, I don't even view him as that great of a piece there. I would view Krebs as more of a potential piece going forward then guys like Katchouk, TRad, Reese Johnson, Entwistle, Guttman, and Joey Anderson who likely have roster spots next year (until proven otherwise). If you are counting on Hall or Athanasiou being healthy for a full season, you'll be disappointed based on recent history. Whatever recent prospects/picks turn pro....I would much rather they percolate in Rockford then having spots in Chicago by default. Call me crazy, but I would not mind taking a run at Pesce or Montour if they get to UFA.