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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Martinmarincin</b></div><div>I am not a Sabres fan so I dont know your prospects very well but Dvorak has been in trade rumours and he could be a good top 6 player. Bogo has said he might wanna go back to the US to be closer to his family and because of covid restrictions in canada. So would be good veteran presence on that blueline and his family lives close to Buffalo.

Why would it be an issie that they are RFAS since there still young enough so they will fit the timeline.
And as I said before i am not a sabres fan but if you say they should part maybe you keep Jokiharju and trade Risto</div></div>

Well the issue is for Adams overall plan of attack as it relates to the RFA's. He is looking to put together players that have a majority of their respective RFA term left. Would he be interested in the players you have traded to him.... OF COURSE but not for his TOP Asset (Eichel)..... I firmly believe that Adams is willing to wait this thing out with Eichel up to the trade deadline to develop a stronger market for Eichel. I do not see Adams trading his TOP ASSET away without getting the team he is trading with top prospect. I know Ranger Fan says NO Kappo or LaFreniere and all I say to that is then no Eichel. Pretty simple.... Adams not trading Jack and letting Jack play out his current contract is not a bad thing for Adams.

As I stated in my first post I love the Dvorak kid but I just do not see Arizona moving him even if there is rumors..... I think the Yotes and Sabres are in the same sport having to start another full rebuild therefore they do not make great trade partners.

GM Adams play is too build around Cozens, Dahlin, Henry, Quinn, Mittelstadt &amp; Eklund (when he goes #1).
Forum: Armchair-GM19 juill. à 19 h 22
Thanks for taking the time to publish this team I appreciate your efforts.

In relation to the team you have composed:

1. Sam is never going to sign for that amount if you want him to stay it has to be $8,000,000 per year if not he is walking. The Sabres missed their opportunity to get a more palatable number; I like the 5 year term though as Samson may enjoy getting another solid contract;

2. Why would Arizona deal Dvorak? If I am Zona GM this is a guy I build around not move. TBH I am not sure that GM Adams would actually make that deal as I know they love Henry and JJP he moved up to draft him. I think this deal would have no chance to happen as both teams are in a rebuild. I guess your team name is thinking the Sabres are close to the promised land and I think that is at least 4-5 years away.

3. The Eichel deal is perplexing. There is no way the Sabres are able to sign Strome the following year so he is either a one year rental or dealt at the trade deadline from an awful team.... Buchnevich is developing but he is running out of RFA years so he really does not fit what Adams is looking for in return..... Chytil has already burned his initial entry level 3 year contract.... If Adams is true to his statements that he wants 1st Round level prospects and 1st Round picks in a deal for Eichel he is going to want players that fit that have not already played through 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 years of their RFA life;

4. If that is the deal for Eichel the Sabres would never get past the Rangers!!!!

5. I see you brought BOGO back and I do not think either party wants another round of that relationship

6. Could you tell me why you chose to keep Risto..... I think a mutual separation is necessary

7. No love ofr Tage Thompson;
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Forum: Trade Machine Proposals19 juill. à 0 h 46
Forum: Armchair-GM18 juill. à 20 h 8
So of course all you will be getting is comments that this does not work.... no way they will trade those players.... blah blah blah.

As is customary I will provide my feedback but also give suggestions if I do not agree with what you are selling.

First off you are spot on that the best things GM Adams can do is do nothing right now as it stands with Eichel. Yes it would be great if he was able to get that Ducks first round pick and he could go Eklund/Wallstedt..... there is no gun to his head.... he has stated what he wants and he should just sit chilly..... Allow Eichel to get back on the ice and then in November/December see what the market is,..... Eichel will cost the acquiring team about $8,000,000 at that point in the season so more teams will be able to absorb his salary.... I also believe that GM Adams will be willing to retain 20-25% of Eichel's salary to improve the overall return.

I am not buying that teams are stating they will not move Zegras in an Eichel deal.... or Byfield.... or this guy.... we all know (Leaf Fan will never admit it) that if a GM can land a top tier talent like Eichel you will be willing to part with your top prospect...... so all of those top prospects are in play.

Therefore I do not think you should have a conservative trade for Eichel.

In relation to Risto I think that return is too strong for him. I think you take Byron out of the deal and retain 50% on Risto and a mid round pick back to Montreal and then that deal is probably good to go.

I am probably in the minority here but I think that Reinhart is worth more than what you are getting from LAK. I think the return is reasonable but I do believe Adams could squeeze a bit more.

If Adams will have to sweeten the deal for his buddy Ron Francis for Seattle to take a certain player I say that player should be Eakin not Miller. Miller is very serviceable and will be worth something in a trade at the deadline. Eakin takes up a spot for one of the young pups. Miller can be a mentor for the young Dmen.

Who do you think Adams takes at #1?

I say it will be Eklund.
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