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14 aoû 2019
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>AndrewLadd</b></div><div>He’s number 5 that’s still rly good</div></div>

He's better than Draisaitl and has proven that without a doubt this season in their head to heads. Some will argue Hedman is better but I think Matthews has proven he's right there with MacKinnon. He's been better defensively and as good offensively in a tougher division. Matthews will always be held just a little lower than he should because of the anti leaf bias that exists on here. Not saying you specifically but it's prevalent and does seem to lower Matthews perceived skill. The guy is running away with the Rocket and has been hurt for much of the season. Draisaitl has a pile of points but 75% have come with McDavid on the ice and yet Draisaitl is still supposed to be top 4? Draisaitl isn't top 10. He's a very good player no doubt but he's a star player playing with the best player in the world. Imagine how many goals Matthews would score if he had McDavid playing on his line? 50 in 50 would almost be a lock.

I think Matthews will be one of the most underrated players for years to come. Why? Because he doesn't ever even get any recognition for his defensive ability. Stone is considered the best defensive winger in the world because he gets takeaways all the time. Matthews is better than him at that and plays a more important position. So how does Matthews who's defensive metrics are better than almost every other elite centre never get recognized? I think it's a combination of reputation, and just how the mob thinks. He scores a lot so he's not good defensively. That is flat out just wrong.