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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Silkysmooth42</b></div><div>I Wish I could find the stat, and I really cant so if you dont believe me i understand. But i do ask for your trust:
Essentially i believe it was like some Goal Against stats by dpair (based on time played together) and adjusted for goaltending. And Carlo and Krug were either number 1 or top 3

Again, thats really vague so i totally get if you dont care. But i know i saw that somewhere.

Im gonna do some research because I hate to be the guy who bulls**ts stuff, i really do wanna give you the info.

Reguardless: I love offense. But i also know the importance of defense. I get that Krug isnt the best defensively (which is my point) that if Reilly is "the best" dman, then Krug is also top 5.</div></div>

sorry but that stat doesnt seem right for the goals against stat, carlo was a plus 16 and krug a-4. yes +/- doesnt hold the value that it used to, but its also not completely irrelevant as some people may want to say it is, but in the case of the bruinsbeing one of the best defensive teams having the best goal differential and lowest goals against in the NHL, doesnt really look good for krugs defensive argument being on for more goals against than for, and i didnt watch a whole lot of bruins games this year but i assume macavoy and chara draw the matchup against the opponents top unit, rielly was not very good this year but he was also hurt most of the year and he still managed to put up a similar if not slightly better numbers than krug this year, i know this started from someone saying rielly was the best last year and overall no he wasnt, but rielly is better than krug
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