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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Upper_Body_Injury</b></div><div>Well that was part of the problem with Fiala BG gave him a one year prove it deal and Fiala stuck it to BG by scoring 85 points which basically sealed his fate that he wasn't going to be re-signed. I think BG signed Boldy early with term to get ahead of this so it doesn't play out like Fiala. So yeah in the short term 1-2 years (buyout pain) this "looks" like a bad signing but the rest of the contract BG is counting on the cap going up and the buyouts coming off the books there will be lots of money to spend and if he can get some top 6 players to put with Boldy he will out perform this contract. But as of now his linemates aren't up to Fiala status when Boldy was producing last year. Not every player can be McDavid and be a one man show but those guys are making 10mil+

Besides there was no way Fiala was taking less than what he got in LA and there was no way for the Wild to pay that, but yeah Dumba is gone either at the TDL or we let him walk this summer unless he is willing to take a huge haircut on his contract.

Edit: I should also mention that it has been reported that BG was looking to do just a bridge deal with Boldy but both sides agreed to get a longer term deal done.</div></div>

Well clearly he's a good young player, this just seems like a high price to pay at the moment. In 2-4 years everything changes. I would certainly look to trade Dumba then but ya know, good team with an own rental.

You feel like you can win some rounds with Dumba? Or worth it to get something for him?
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Knuckl3s</b></div><div>Until Geno gets hurt</div></div>

Well, you know, maybe an entire offseason and clean bill of health has him good to go for once. Last year he was never really healthy. Right now he should be. Motivated too. I always assume players will be healthy and stick to the positive aspect of it because you never know. He could be healthy the rest of his career. I sure wish him that clean bill of health. Would be nice to see him look like his old self confidence wise.

To go back on your other post, to me the D is GREATLY improved because Petry is much better than either Marino or Matheson. Neither of them impressed me, in fact, they both made mental errors in the playoffs in their own zones multiple times. It was frustrating. Our 2nd pair is locked in now. We have another guy who, actually, could be trusted to play some top pair minutes. Rutta played with Hedman and won 2 cups. He is versatile, and probably smart.

Smith will be better with us, he's very young, and he has a legit high ceiling. Who knows. I do still want us to get another top 4 guy. But right now, not paying those 2 guys over 9m for years to come is a huge win in my book.

On paper, we have great forward depth man. Our top 6 is stacked. Kap is on the third line, and he had chemistry with Carter last year, who is also a solid 3c. Our 4th line, right now, is a bit sus b/c I'm not sure about Poehling. But Archibald flies around. Blueger is a good bottom 6 guy. Zohorna has potential.

We had no problem scoring last year in the playoffs on the best goalie in the league... but they didn't have much trouble putting shots through our 3rd stringer either. If Jarry and DeSmith can play to their ability and stay focused and healthy come playoff time we are a legit Cup threat.

It all comes down to goaltending. Maybe we'll trade DeSmith and Zucker to Minny for Dumba and Flower.... HA
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Db1899</b></div><div>You’re putting too much faith into NHL coaches when most of them have shown that they constantly make mistakes and rely on underperforming vets over better young players.

Dobson led the isles in even strength ice time last season and Trotz has never given any defenseman 23-24 min of ice time. He plays all 3 D pairs a good amount.

No, I’m talking about what Dobson is right now. He was great on the PK and he’s very good at defending the rush + inside the defensive zone. He’s already the isles #1 defenseman.</div></div>

Well to your point he led the Islanders last season in total TOI/G for defensemen. I was actually surprised by that, although tbh, it wasn't by much.

I don't know how good he is is defensively I haven't watched him enough but you seem to have a strong opinion about his skillset. To me he's more offensive but that's just from what I can see on paper.

I would also say Pelech and Pulock are both better in terms of defense, Pulock being the most balanced. But hey maybe Trotz had no idea what he was doing and they should be taking a seat.

If you had to pick one to be your #1 guy it seems situational, as they're all good and none are that old. Pelech went +20 on a team where the next closest guy was +8. Trotz was certainly playing Chara and Greene more than he should have but they're gone now.

Well see what Lambert thinks and how he continues to develop in his 4th year. As a Pens fan I hope he sucks but hey JK lol.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Db1899</b></div><div>Dobson didn’t get the opportunity to be as good as Seider his rookie year, but their underlying numbers were similar

Dobson is solid defensively at even strength and on the PK. Dobson was literally drafted to be a #1 minute muncher because of his defensive ability. Klingberg is a liability.</div></div>

Well... maybe Seider got more of an opportunity because he was better earlier in his career? Like if Andy Greene was on the Red Wings you don't think Seider would have beat him out for a spot, or put up better numbers than him, as a rookie, on the Islanders? Dobson had 7 points in 34 games as a rookie.

If their underlying numbers were the same but Seider got deployed more and against better players, more often, that means his underlying numbers were much better, doesn't it? Because his quality of competition was higher in both quality and quantity.

Plus he won the Calder.... to me their rookie seasons aren't really comparable.

On the other note, Dobson's zone starts point toward him being more offensively deployed. Maybe they realized he's good in that zone once they drafted him, although I do seem to remember him being billed as such when he was drafted too. If you're saying he isn't a liability... maybe you're right. He's clearly better in the O zone though... He's an offensive defensemen. He just scored double digit goals in a season with 50 +points.

Petro's zone starts are split in favor of the D zone (49%o/51d). I don't think Dobson's ever will be that close because he's more often deployed in the O (~62/38) than Kberg (~61/39), with a much smaller sample size, but still.

And as far as the top pairing jazz I guess you could say that, looking at his numbers. The Islanders have a legit balanced/defensive top pairing already though, in Pelech/Pulock. Guess we'll see how he looks in Year 4. But yeah, you high on this boy. I get it. Are you an Isles fan, you watch him a lot?
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