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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CSStrowbridge</b></div><div>I'm not saying they lost, not even close. After all, Mike Hoffman was a cap dump and Rem Pitlick is a slightly overpaid injury call-up. They gave up nothing they wanted to keep and got back assets. I'm just saying they didn't win by as much as people first thought they did. They turned three of those assets into a 3rd, a 4th, and an AHLer. THIS trade was a win, but everything since then has been a miss.

On the other hand, it is very likely Kyle Dubas will be forced to blow up the Penguins next year and that 2024 pick will turn into a very high 2025 pick. The plurality of people picked Pittsburgh as the winner here and I think a lot of them are regretting that vote, especially if they have to pay assets to get rid of Erik Karlsson.</div></div>

This offseason he has to reload, there is no blowing it up until Sid decides to retire or sign somewhere else after next year. Dubas, if he's smart, will actually use this offseason to make the team better. Selling everybody who, about 5 or 6 months ago, he had locked in for 2-3 more years of going for it, doesn't make sense.

Unless of course the FSG overlords hired him to dismantle the team and force Sid out... but trading for EK in the first place doesn't say that to me. Dubas has also made it a point to say that the core as of now is Sid, Geno, Letang, and EK. Rust too b/c they &lt;3 him

You build around that.

SADLY he also signed Jarry and Graves to terrible deals so....

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For this to work, Jake has to agree to resign in EDM. If he does that, they'll end up moving the roster around to fit him, and it will need more surgery later.

I included Joseph because we don't need him on the active roster and he can either be used as more trade bait for EDM later, or integrated into their system which is thin on the back end anyway. He adds incentive for them, a sweetener if you will, and we honestly don't need him... Smith could fill his spot, and also, we can make a trade for another D with one of those 1sts, a la Hronek to VAN last year. Or we can include Graves somehow and get Bouchard back... LOL

So, for EDM, you are getting a Top 6 winger for McDavid for the rest of his career, basically. Clearly he has done well with Sid... so yeah, next best thing... This would also BIG TIME incentivize both Drai and McJ to stay in EDM because… will they stay if they don't win? Also, for the playoffs THIS YEAR Guentz &gt; Foegele/Holloway

Speaking of those 2 active pieces =&gt;

Holloway - Since Dubas/FSG love Sullivan so much, I'm sure he'll integrate them somehow. If you look at it on paper, Jake was a 3rd Rd pick, and Holloway is a 1st from '20, a year we didn't one. He is unproven but maybe he isn't a lower line guy (where he's played most of his NHL career) and needs to play up in the lineup. I don't know enough about him... but he gets NHL games, he HITS, and has barely played in the AHL... Our cupboard is DRY down there now that we traded Nylander and Pitlick (two of their top 3 scorers). Worst case scenario he goes to the Baby Pens and gets better instead of rushed up. His ceiling is undetermined.

Foegele - He plays Top 6 now and is extremely OK... he'll fit in just fine here, but hey, at least he does score sometimes... WE HAVE NO DEPTH SCORING, and at least he's healthy so... he can help us make the playoffs! Maybe! Either way, he is UFA, and it makes way too much sense not to include him in this deal... EDM needs to offset some salary, and they have a roster full of guys who aren't going anywhere.

Futures =&gt;

Broberg is an offset sweetener coming back who can maybe be coached up here. Joseph &gt; Broberg right now, but Dubas said we need to get younger, and I don’t see much traction over there in EDM with this guy… it’s almost like their minor league affiliate sucks at building young talent!

The 2 firsts are basically high 2nd round picks, but we have NO picks and this gives us more ammo to make some other moves.

This accelerates EDM to being a much more dangerous team, much more quickly. This succeeds in getting a legit haul of now/future pieces who can maybe make this type of trade worth it, even though Sid would be super pissed at first. Clock is ticking Kenny, better get a Cup here before your golden geese split!
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PrisonBull</b></div><div>Lindholm played on the top line with EP40 for Team Sweden. They are also friends. Reuniting them might be something EP40 requested. It certainly won't harm the Canucks chances to resign either.

Kuzmenko is fun to watch on offense (power-play specialist) but has completely lost his and the Canuck's confidence. He is a liability defensively. He will be exposed on a weak team. He is one of the more adorable players in the league and an awesome interview. (A cross between Munenori Kawasaki and Ilya Bryzgalov.)

Jarmo needs to sign by this June or is also UFA. He is a huge stay-at-home defenceman. Not likely to come over to NA but I am certain the Flames will do their best.
Hunter turned 19 in November and didn't qualify for the WJC. He is having an outstanding season for the Rangers. Still just a B+ prospect.
All picks are lottery tickets. The more you have the greater the chance one has of cashing in.

Best part of this trade is the Canucks didn't have to part with any of their top A prospects: Willander, EP2, or Lekkermaki

Canucks will need to make the WCF for it to convert to a third. Otherwise, what you said is the result.</div></div>

I have a feeling the Nucks will resign him as well, but this is a huge offseason for this management team.

Not only do they have to get EP40, Hronek, and Lindholm signed, all of which will be big time numbers, but also there are a ton of depth pieces here that either need resigned to similar hits, or have outplayed those numbers and need raises.

In no particular order, Bluger, Lafferty, Joshua, Myers, Cole, and Zadorov are all UFA as well.

Also, as an aside again, I mentioned Dvorak as a Bruins candidate in a prior post but they'll probably be in on Henrique as well. They basically need a center to have any shot vs those ATL teams in the playoffs.