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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MitchJr</b></div><div>What a truly and marvellously preposterous take.
McDavid plays with Draisaitl so his prod’n (&amp; value league wise) drops if moved; same for McKinnon (Rantanen) or Kucherov (Point); truly horrible take 🤦🏻 - all great players currently play with other great players.
Second - logic dictates if moved, Marner only waives to somewhere he would negotiate an extension. Doubtful he’ll want to play for 3 teams in less than 2 years. Agreed that list of teams that could afford him next year limits the pool, but if he waives - he’ll work with Toronto go to a preferred location. Those teams will offer full or close to full value to gain a player of Marner’s ability; if not (assuming he doesn’t extend in T.O.), he becomes a full FA in 26-27 when vast majority of teams will have lots of cap space. Leafs are under no pressure to move him for scraps</div></div>

Marner isn’t close to any of McDavid, MacKinnon, or Kucherov. Marner isn’t one of the best players in the league or a game changer like those players are. And yeah, when EDM needs goals they stack the top line and play McDrai together because it makes it more likely that they’ll score— which furthers my point that playing with elite offensive talent is a boost for offense.

But yeah, teams that have cap space for am $11m Marner likely won’t have as good of linemates for him to play with. If you don’t think that playing with the best goal scorer in the NHL in Matthews helps with his point totals, then I don’t know what to tell you. He won’t have that on another team.

That’s why I used Gaudreau, a much better comparable in terms of production and type of player. Gaudreau lost Tkachuk and Lindholm, and he’s not the same player anymore with CBJ. And Lindholm also lost the magic too (not comparing him to Marner, just showing that who you play with does matter). It didn’t happen to Tkachuk because, as you’re suggesting with Marner, it’s not a guarantee. Some players are good no matter what and can still produce playing with non-elite talent.

But to invest significant assets in a trade and then sign him to one of the highest value contracts in the game (considering he was already the 11th highest cap hit in the league this season) is a big risk, and I don’t want to be the team to take that risk.