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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Koskinen_The_Great</b></div><div>I didnt say they were more valuable but calling Edmundson a bottom pair guy when he's been paired on the top 2 pairs the last few years isnt correct. He had an unbelievable season with Petry in 2021 finishing 5th in the NHL in plus/minus and playing in every situation.
You are either not being truthful or you dont know the player well enough

Evans at worst is played as your 4th line center that can move up in the lineup. AT 1.7M with cost certainty for 3 years. You make it sound like he's not an everyday nhl'r. He is very valuable. That cost certainty adds to his play on the ice and makes him attractive to a team capped out that needs to shed a top9 player to fit in other top6 players. We've seen it before.

Is it a fair trade? Who knows. Fair trade is a fan made concept. Gms arent looking to deceive other GMs otherwise then they wouldnt do business together again. But it certainly gives Colorado flexibility in a tight market where they will have no choice but to shed a player like Girard next year to fit MacK.</div></div>

Edmundson would be a bottom pairing PK guy on every contending team (including Colorado). You can cite +/- from 2 years ago, but his on ice defensive impacts have been poor for most of his career. But yes he has played top 4 minutes before, absolutely true.

$1.7M for a replacement level 4th liner isn’t exactly great. If you’re a team trying to make smart moves to save cap, paying a guy like $700K more that what a comparable player would get in the market is not a recipe for success. Committing to 4th liners for long term at above market rates doesn’t give a team flexibility.
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