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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Mr_Gardoki</b></div><div>Sorry, he's not worth a first. Very similar player to Reilly Smith in many aspects, including two-way play, except scoring where Smith (who was traded with term) has been far more consistent and was traded for a 2nd. You actually citing his 27 (not 28) goal season which has clearly been an outlier is cherry picking at its best. He's on pace for about 20G this year, which is respectable, but don't even TRY to act like 27 goals is the norm for this guy. Be better than that.

The people on this site criminally overvalue their players and it's really bad. Be better. He's worth a 2nd, maybe 2nd + decent prospect.

Also, Danault is definitely a very good two-way player, but to call him one of the better in the league is crazy. He's not one of the top two-way players in the league. Stop with that nonsense.</div></div>

Danault is part of the Selke conversation for multiple years, the Selke is illustrative of some of the league's best 2-way centers. I believe that is a fair illustration of being one of the leagues better 2-way centers.

I don't mind that you don't find value in him, but he has legitimately been a top-10 Selke finalist 4 years of his career, taken a team to the cup finals, efficent in the faceoff circle, and one of the better playmakers in the league (for instance his winger Trevor Moore is on a 44 goal pace). I don't see Riley Smith as a close comparable, Danault is basically Kopitar lite which is why he fits here so well.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>McSorley</b></div><div>Highly doubt Talbot can keep it up next year so who are you targeting? Hart is the only other option IMO.

I don't see Spencer or Kaliyev in the long term outlook so why not use them to acquire a top 5 goalie?</div></div>

Spence is criminally underrated with what he has brought this season, the guy can't miss a pass and I think there is an offensive gear here we haven't seen, our third pair looks incredible and I think it's more him than Englund. Kaliev's time to sell is coming soon, we need to get him to breakout offensively and use him and Bjornfot as the trade pieces for a struggling top prospect goalie who we can protect behind a veteran goalie. I wouldn't be upset about 3x1 for Talbot next season, and I think he'd go for it. My biggest concern in playing Spence and Clarke is we lose what Englund has brought in physicality. I don't know a bout you, but I've been seeing physicality from several players this season and LA has their long-term tough guys coming: Helenius and Ziemmer will bring the eventual physicality we've enjoyed from Englund.

I see our lineup as something like:


Although if we can't reup Roy, Martinez-Spence could be impressive.

As far as why I'm not feeling Saros, he's 28 and in his best play window now, but for goalies they can fall out of that quick. I think let's just offer no more than 2-3 year contracts until Portillo and other prospects can be made ready.