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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hammerwise</b></div><div>Definitely, it looks like LAK will most likely lose a dman in expansion, and Maata is a candidate. Its also about Ghosts game, (based on this year), he can take some of the production responisibility off some of the youngsters, and played capably in defense. He buys LAK time to develop and bring along their young dmen and with just 2 yrs left on contract and playing well, hes a more tradeable commodity (especially after next year and hes only 28).

As for the waivers thing, it was a complicated risk that Ghost was put on waivers (PHI had injuries at forward but were carrying 8dmen and 3 goalies, Ghost just happened to be the best bet to not get picked up off waivers, and then Ghost really hit his stride after the temporary waivers), but just because he wasnt picked up then, doesn;t mean he isnt now.

He wound up with 19 mins a night, on pace for 40+ pts and played well defensively, I think thats worth a late 3rd and 4th in a draft that has lacked evaluation to any team that has cap space and need.</div></div>

Ghost is a player that is given 19 minutes a night due to special teams and offensive zone starts, in his career, he has never been higher than 44% starts in the defensive zone. He has been on ice for 36 goals against when at even strength (so far this season), not sure that is offset by him being on track for 40 points. I disagree that he has been good at both ends of the ice, and think he would be a poor tutor for the youth movement of defensemen coming up. He is a defensive liability for Philly who allows more points scored against than he provides and will likely be waived again at the beginning of the season.

Even in the unlikely case where Maata is selected by Seattle, the Kings desperately need a defensively responsible player who also can help playmaking, Ghost isn't it. The Kings have an excess of picks and prospects, but they aren't looking for Ghost, they are looking at Werenski, Dahlin, or top-line LD free agents to play with Doughty. Blake needs to show Kings brass that the Kings are making a big step forward, obtaining ghost would be a bad move for a GM who is getting close to his prove-it or get fired years.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hammerwise</b></div><div>Ghost only has 2 yrs left, was on pace for 40+ pts over 80 game season, played remarkably well at RD and on both sides of the puck, averaging 19+ minutes a night. He is a puck rusher, but the fact he played pretty well defensively this year shows alot. Hes still youngish. He struggled for 2 years with injuries and got supplanted by Provorov and Sanheim at LD, (and the team caught fire with Hagg, a stay at home type, which the flyers lack, in the lineup last year), but this was a bounce back year for him, he is a solid number 3 and PP QB that a young team could certainly use. (He was on waivers, when no one could really afford a risky 4.5mil contract, as the flyers had injuries at forward, but had 8 dmen and 3 goalies, and ghost was the least likely to get claimed, and ghost was great ever since).

MacDermid is older and not an everyday defenseman, the TOR 3rd is very low round, no chance its less than 80th overall and the 4th is probably around 100th, they are negligible meh picks in a year where there just hasnt been great draft evaluation.

It comes down to what LAK lose in expansion, (most likely a dman) and Ghost would probably be their best offensive dman. Dont fool yourself, hes still got game and this package from LA isn;t that great.</div></div>

I'm not fooling myself, Ghost is an offensive threat but a bad defenseman in his own zone, that is why every single team in the league passed on him for free. The Kings are trying to develop their defensive corps to make solid 2-way defensemen on every line, trading for a player with poor defensive habits is unwise for a developing team of so many rookie defensemen. The Kings are specifically looking for a dynamic (sound on both ends of the ice) defenseman to play with Doughty who can eat minutes and allow Doughty to open up offensively and eventually take his role as the special teams anchor. Ghost would be the Kings second pairing defenseman as Roy would be the only one who could offset his defensive flaws, but this still would not address Doughty's partner and would take a role from Bjornfot who is much better defensively in his own zone and starting to build on his offensive acumen.

So no, the Kings won't take this trade, it makes them worse defensively, inhibits them from playing their youth, and adds unnecessary cap which could be used more efficiently in the free agency or trade market.