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Sujet: Hoffman
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PinkWhitney</b></div><div>I don't have a desire to sign Hoffman at this point in the rebuild. All I'm saying is the Kings will have 5 forwards with strong two way games in the top 6 so having 1 guy who isn't as strong defensively in their isn't a bad idea. I would agree if we were talking defenesmen. No team should have a defenseman if he is a defensive liability.

If Kings aquired Liane, would you want to play him on the 3rd line?

I'm not disagreeing with your logic either. I do think the Kings are trying to shift away from the conservative team they are used to being.

My future lineup looks like this:

Turcotte Byfield Simontaival
Andersson Vilardi Kaliyev
Kempe Kopitar Brown
Moore Lizotte Thomas/Fagemo

Bjornfot Doughty
Anderson Grans/Faber
Hults/someone else Roy

If you look at that lineup every player has a good two way game except for Kaliyev. I'm not counting Grans bc the only way he ever gets that spot is if he tightens up his defensive instincts.</div></div>

If we had Laine his offense would be his defense the way he moves, but yeah I get your point. Also, I don't hate the idea of Andersson's conservative play as a countermeasure against Kaliyev with Vilardi holding them together, however, as you have it I believe that will be our third line for at least the next few years until Kopitars game has really lost a step. I think I like one of the top prospects moving to Center as you have it either Turcotte or Vilardi works for me, but Simontaival, Kaliyev, Andersson, Fagemo all are projected as top-9 wingers and I'm not sure any of them can become that top wing guy, I think that we still have areas of weakness that we will hopefully address at this next draft: our top line winger (unless Kupari somehow does it), our goalie of the future, and our number one defenseman to take the reigns from Doughty. But what you have listed above is definitely a playoff team.
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Sujet: Hoffman
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