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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mokumboi</b></div><div>Well, for starters, I have no idea how you figure Tarasenko is injured - he's been back for a week now, so he's all rested up. Secondly, taking back Bailey could be fine if he was a UFA - taking back cap that remains on the books for next season is a no-go unless its realllly worth it, and this ain't. Salo is 24, so gosh he better be NHL ready. Meanwhile, he's a minus skater, play small, sheltered 3rd pairing, offensive-leaning D-man, which ticks pretty much every box for what the Blues are not looking for. All Blues D-men are plus skaters, which is not an accident. He's simply not going to interest them much, they already have far too many LDs like him as is. Finally, Tarasenko is easily worth a 23 1st, and if a bunch of teams start calling, another something. Nobody is going to nickel and dime their way to him. With Kane hobbling, he's probably the most desirable winger on the market by a decent margin because he's a true playoff sniper (6th among active players in playoff g/gp) and especially at 5v5 (9th among active players even strength g/60, but half of those higher than him have only played around 20-ish career playoff games - he's played 90).</div></div>

Wrong side of 30 and missed significant time in 3 of the last 4 seasons, so caveat emptor. One goal in his last 10 games (granted, still plenty of time to heat up before the deadline). Full NTC, so he decides where (and if) he's going. Maybe they can get a 1st plus for him, but all of those factors drag his value down, so it wouldn't surprise me if they have to settle for a 2nd plus a prospect.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dannibalcorpse</b></div><div>-Underpay for Mayfield. He should be worth a 2nd and a prospect; Puljujarvi has moved from "prospect" to "reclamation project' at this point in his career. If the Oilers want to send him for cap purposes, I'll take a swing, but if I was Isles' GM I'm not putting a strong value on him and still demanding a legitimate young prospect from the Oilers for Mayfield.

-Minnesota has cap issue from the Parise/Suter buyouts that kick into a new gear next year. I could imagine them spending two premium assets (more likely to be a pick &amp; a prospect than a pair of 1sts) for Brock but the Islanders would 100% need to offer full retention. It's a rebuild, eat the cash, who cares.

-I can't see LA spending a 1st to upgrade goalie; Pheonix Copley might not be the answer but I'd argue that the Kings are a little ahead of schedule and can figure out the net this summer. They'd take Varly, but the priced would have to be right - I think it would make sense to target one of the forwards that's going to be squeezed out of a spot eventually (Akil Thomas, Sameul F-iltered-emo, Sam Helenius) and a later pick than a 1st, and again: full retention is a must.

-Terrible value for the Coyotes, and terrible fits for the Islanders. Why spend $2.75M on a backup goalie to Sorokin? I assume you're keeping him around, if he's proven he can handle 55-60 games (I believe he has) than spending assets on another #1 goalie like Vejmelka is going to be a bad move. If you trade Varly, bring up Skarek and get him some NHL time to see if he's a feasible backup for '23-24; if not, there are a handful of decent veteran backups you should be able to sign for $2M or less instead of paying starter prices on Vejmelka. Beyond that, this deal would struggle to get Chych, let alone the goalie - one of the 1sts is two years away, Dufour isn't an A-tier prospect, and you're asking Arizona to also take back $4.15M in Beau. As far as the fit being bad for the Isles - they already have Pelech, Pulock, Dobson, &amp; Romanov under contract - if you trade for Chych, one of those 4 dudes is going on the 3rd pair and staying there, probably Romanov. Do you want a guy you spend the 13th overall pick and gave a $2.5M cap hit playing third pair minutes?

-Why is Anaheim gonna do this? Parise is a pending UFA and they're in the lottery - not at all the type of player they would target. Henrique is also about to be a 33-year-old forward - I think he's good, sure, but if you're rebuilding why are you targeting a guy like him, much less giving up a pick, too? Trade Parise for a 3rd + a depth player, skip Henrique, and let someone like Raty or Holmstrom fill in whatever need you saw Henrique filling.</div></div>

Not that I think they should trade for Vejmelka, but $2.75MM is not starter money. That's "very good backup" money. Spot on with the rest though.