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Forum: Armchair-GMMon at 4:18 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeterChiarelli</b></div><div>Not playing Clague on the bottom-pair at minimum is criminal, especially when you have MacDermid playing ahead of him. Swap 'em. If this is "Year One" of the transition from bottom-feeder to trending upward, you're definitely going to want to get those kind of guys some quantifiable NHL experience.

Is Mikey Anderson ready for top-four minutes? I have a fascination with how the Kings and Habs have approached their rebuilds, and I'd hate to see a franchise "Schultz" their prominent NCAA defender when they could have gotten a lot more mileage out of him. I'd reckon a full year in the AHL wouldn't hurt. There's a dozen one-year stopgaps that could be had in either UFA or virtually for free via trade (ex: Kris Russell).

What's the gameplan for when Bjornfot, Fagemo, Kupari, and Turcotte are ready for NHL icetime next season? Who's your pick at #4 for the Kings at this year's draft? My gut's saying Drysdale.</div></div>

Clague and MacDermid are going to alternate being the healthy scratch this season with Clague filling in when the opponent calls for speed and skill, and MacDermid filling in when toughness is needed (I'm looking at you Calgary). Clague will get his chance, but there's no reason to rush him into the lineup.

Anderson played a handful of games this season and looked really good. He's certainly more NHL ready than Kale Clague. He'll likely pair with Matt Roy, who was arguably the Kings' best defenseman this season. If he has a setback, then the Kings have Clague and/or MacDermid that can jump in if needed. I don't think he'll be returned to the AHL. In regards to bringing in another player from outside, I don't think the Kings will go that route. Blake has been quoted as saying that aside from a veteran LHD, all spots are going to be filled from within.

I'm generally a Blake supporter, but I've been saying for months that if the Kings draft Drysdale with Stutzle, Perfetti, or Raymond on the board, I'm going to get my torch and pitchfork and head down to Blake's office and call for his job. The Kings major organizational gap (by a giant margin) is at top-six wing. Outside of Kaliyev, who is far from a sure thing, the Kings don't have any top-six wing prospects in the organization under age 35. Assuming the 1-2-3 picks go as expected (Lafreniere, Byfield, Stutzle), then I want the Kings to take Perfetti or Raymond. If they somehow fall to 7 and all those guys are off the board, then Drysdale can be the consolation prize. Rossi and Holtz should probably get a look before Drysdale, but I won't be upset if they opt for Drysdale over those two guys.

I eventually see Bjornfot as Doughty's long term partner, but I don't think they'll rush him to the NHL this season. Eventually I think that Bjornfot and Anderson are long term LHDs on this team (Clague a possibility but not as sure). The dark horse is Cole Hults, who signed his ELC after finishing at NCAA-Penn State, and will play his first professional season in the AHL next season. I think he will eventually jump Clague on the depth chart. Every team has room for one offensive-minded, defensively-suspect defenseman. The Kings will take a look at Clague and Durzi and decide who is the better long term option and trade the other.

I don't see Turcotte or Fagemo getting time in the NHL next season, aside from maybe the 9 game cup-of-tea that they can get without burning a year off their ELC contracts. The Kings will make forward strides next season, but I don't see them competing for a playoff spot (they'll probably finish around 10-11 in the conference). I suspect they'll keep all the 18-19 year-olds that are slide eligible down in the AHL or junior to let them get bigger minutes and work on their development. There's no reason to rush them. Kupari might get a call-up since he's not slide-eligible anymore, but he'll have to make significant strides forward early in the season. He didn't look great in his first 20 games or so, and just when he was starting to put it all together, his season was ended with an injury in the WJC. He should be ready by the start of next season (especially since it will undoubtedly be delayed), but who knows where his game will be at after sitting out an entire calendar year with an injury.
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