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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Fail4Nail</b></div><div>Read it again, I said scoring was one of the Kings many problems against the Oilers. No way you guys signed him to be a third line guy. He's only a third line guy cuz you landed PLD. I get what you're saying, but prioritizing to keep a declining, shutdown center in lieu of a 80 point scorer ain't it.
Roy is very good at what he does, but I don't think its as black and white as you think it is. Daughty is already a liability and you guys are paying him 11mill to play top pair mins. With his contract, no way he plays less than a second pairing role, despite how much he declines. That leaves Roy or Clarke playing on the third pair, which makes no sense. Unless one of them goes to their offwing, which is so rare.</div></div>

100% not true. The Kings told Danault prior to signing him that the long term plan was for him to start at 2C and move down to 3C once Byfield was ready. When Byfield didn't emerge as quickly as expected, the Kings went out and traded for Dubois. Here's a quote from his media availability immediately following his signing.

<a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">I think you need three good centers to win, so 2C or 3C isn't that big of a deal... other than maybe a little bit of ice time. -- Danault</a>

If you think Doughty is a liability, you're not watching. Anderson and Doughty were one of the single best pairings in the NHL for the last two seasons. Is he worth $11M? No, but that doesn't mean he's not a top quality 1D any longer. I'm not sure why his contract makes any difference in where he plays in the lineup. If in the final years of his contract, he's not playing up to snuff, he'll play further down in the lineup. If Clarke signs a bridge deal for one season, then there's more than enough room to fit all three of them.

If you have Roy playing with Bjornfot and Clarke playing with Gavrikov, then you have three "top four" defensive pairings, which is necessary for any true Cup contender. The Kings had Alec Martinez playing on the 3rd pair on both of their Cup winning teams, and there's no doubt he's a top four guy.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Fail4Nail</b></div><div>Why not? You guys have PLD signed long term. Kopitar probably retires after his contract is done. Byfield can slot into his natural center position. Does it really make sense for the Kings to pay Danault that much money as a 3rd line center? One of the Kings many problems against the Oilers is not being able to match their scoring, and adding Nylander helps that.
Trading Roy is a big loss, but there is a good chance he leaves in free agency. He can get more money and a bigger role on another team. Kings are stuck with Daughty and have Clarke waiting.</div></div>

Yes. They signed him specifically to be the 3rd line center.

The Kings didn't lose because they couldn't match Edmonton's scoring. If anyone gets into a scoring match with the Oilers, they're going to lose. They lost because they couldn't stay out of the penalty box and couldn't stop the big guns from scoring in certain situations. Getting rid of Danault only makes that worse. As you said, Kopitar will likely retire soon, and when that happens, Danault will be their only remaining shutdown center. Move him, and they went from two elite shutdown centers to zero in only a few seasons.

Matt Roy will be extended. The Kings have no one in the pipeline to replace what he brings to the lineup. Faber was the guy that was going to be his eventual replacement. Now that he's not in the system any longer, the Kings have no one to replace him. Roy will likely get a decent sized raise, but Clarke is on a cheap ELC for the next 3 years. Gavrikov's contract falls off the books before Clarke will get his payday. By the time Clarke is ready to take over as 1RD, Doughty will be on the wrong side of 35 and will start moving down the lineup.

There's absolutely no reason for the Kings to do this.
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