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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>jonh514</b></div><div>Nice team! A lot of fantasy here though unfortunately:

1) Chychrun trade... you gotta replace Fairbrother with Mailloux to even start this conversation. Plus the habs should not target Chychrun. They have enough young D and they need to give them opportunities to play
2) Letang is gonna get more than 7M/season, but the habs would be nuts to miss the chance to sign him because he's still amazing!
3) Habs should try to avoid a bridge with Romanov. He's getting better and better and if they can lock him down until he's 26 or 29 they should aim for one of those
4) Others were right, there's no way they dump Marchessault... but also Marchessault is not the right type of player to dig pucks out of the corners for Suzuki &amp; Caufield
5) Gally has been playing well with his shifting responsibilities. I think he's gonna have a career year next year and everyone is gonna be back to singing his praises. You don't give up on a guy like that after 1 bad season</div></div>

1) Agree with you about the young D but I don't think any of them is ready yet. I think that including Mailloux would be an overpay
2) Maybe he will get more somewhere else, yes
3) I think he could get 8yr x 4.5-5 if we talk long term
4) I agree with you. Who would you suggest then? And for what?
5) I think you need to trade him for cap space. Caulfield is gonna cost a lot next year and I think Pitlick can do a better overall job (defense + offense) for a lot less