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17 aoû 2020
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Hurricanes de la Caroline
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I don’t really get why some Canes fans want to dump Skjei so badly. He was one of their best D in the bubble, and the CAR front office paid a hefty price to acquire him. I for one, want to see what a Skjei-Pesce pairing can accomplish. It’s obvious that was the long term plan in his acquisition.


is a darn good top 4. Losing Skjei makes retaining Hamilton a little easier, but then you’re right back in the same spot as last season, with them looking for a competent LD to play alongside Pesce. Fleury might end up that guy, but maybe not. Bean may end up that guy too, but I have my doubts. I’d rather they hold onto all their D (unless some **** GM wants Gardiner) as expansion draft insurance. If they end up having to expose Skjei, Gardiner, Fleury and Bean, they’ll likely lose one of those D. However, they’d still be left with 3 of those 4. Easiest to just lose a player and move on.

Now, yes, Skjei makes a lot and having 5 D making more than $4M is a problem, but I don’t see the Canes dumping Skjei for what would amount to a waste of roster space in Roslovic. I like
Roslovic, but where would he play? He’d be in the same sort of situation as he’s currently in with the the Jets. He wouldn’t slot in front of anyone in the CAR top 6, and I doubt he’d fit on the 3rd line either in front of Foegele or Fast.

I wouldn’t deal Bean or Fleury for Roslovic, and there’s no way the Jets would take Gardiner for him. Dzingel for Roslovic, sure, but again; why do the Jets do that?
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