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1 janv. 1976
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Sujet: Seattle
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JTBF81</b></div><div>Too bad that’s not how it works, as smart GM’s are concerned with making their teams better, not screwing over certain teams. No, Seattle won’t be getting Foote most likely either. It’s really not complicated, as either Tampa will make a deal to have Seattle take Johnson(most likely scenario), or Tampa will expose McD and give Seattle a choice between him or a F like Joseph, Barre-Boulet, or Stephens. If Seattle takes McD, yes the short term loss would be rough, but it would benefit Tampa in the mid to long term by freeing up a lot of cap room. So much room in fact, that Tampa could likely keep 2-3 of the players they would have to let walk most likely. There is no chance Seattle is getting Cirelli, Foote(unless Tampa has soured on him, which if so, oh well), or any of the other big name F or D that Tampa wants to keep. If GM Francis wants to ask for laughably high returns on deals, most teams will trade elsewhere and either leave the Kraken much weaker overall than Vegas was, or force Francis to make reasonable deals. Seattle has some leverage, but not as much as so many seem to think.</div></div>

Seattle has a lot of leverage.

When a GM has leverage like that they'll wield it. They did over Anaheim, Florida, and Minnesota in the last expansion draft. If Johnson is the player TBY wants out, it will cost more than a #1.
McD is the player TBY should hope is selected... Point is up for a contract next season with not many expiring contracts coming off the books. McD off the books helps.