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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gretzkyghosts</b></div><div>Oh so close to the facts.
Most of Buffalo's other forwards are young or play a defensive role.
You left out Tuch and while Olofsson has only 40 ESG v Lafreniere's 44, Victor has 14 more total goals over that same period.
While Alex most likely has a higher ceiling than Victor, it is a bad trade for Buffalo as they also have to take on Goodrows cap for the next four years.

Too many people forget how good Olofsson is at scoring goals.
Only 17 NHL forwards scored goals faster than his 1.6/60 min last year.
He has more goals then Boeser over the last four years, playing in fewer games.
He had one more goal than DeBrincat last year with a much better +/- -23 v -33
One would never presume he would fetch an early first and a 20 goal forward as Alex did, but there will be NHL GM's who covet his goal scoring prowess.

Put him on a line with Goodrow and Victor would find the open spaces to score goals while Barkley would cover Olofsson's defensive short comings.</div></div>

You're right, Lafreniere (21) is not young. Tuch (42 ESG) has more ESG than Lafreniere (43 ESG). Olofsson is a 28yo scoring winger who is on an expiring deal prior to UFA. Look at what they've been going for. Reilly Smith went for a 3rd with years left on a similarly priced deal, and he plays a solid 2 way game.

Olofsson is not worthless but he's not desirable. Lafreniere isn't even underperforming, the internet just makes stuff up and goes with it. I wouldn't do Lafreniere for Cozens 1 for 1, because maybe Cozens will outperform his contract in 3 seasons but Lafreneire WILL out perform this next deal pretty much no matter what.

The Goodrow contract isn't bad enough to do whatever this deal is. Even with him on our 4th line, most nights Buffalo's 4th line will still cost more.
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