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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mondo</b></div><div>whatever perry did wasn't criminal and didn't involve the players or their families. no details from davidson and he was very careful not to give any sort of hint as to the nature of the conduct. also said the players don't know the details, not sure if that's true or if that's just to help them keep the press off of them.

leaves a lot up to speculation unfortunately</div></div>

Too much left to speculation. They could have narrowed it down at least a little to prevent speculation along certain lines.
If Perry did something wrong (and indications are that he did), why are they seemingly more focused on protecting him than their organization?
This being the organization that buried years of misconduct and has promised to do better.
You can't claim to be improving yet maintain the lack of transparency and accountability which preceded those previous revelations.

They didn't even quell the original (baseless) rumors that began circulating, because they offered no plausible alternative or reason to trust the organization's statement or handling of the situation. They don't exactly have a good reputation in that area. If there are parties with no involvement being affected, it is those parties that should be protected, not the (alleged) perpetrator.

Perry is old enough and wise enough to understand that his actions have consequences and his chosen profession lacks an expectation of privacy in many areas.
If the statement is "family matters" or "personal issues", that's the end of most speculation. Those are areas where there should be privacy for the player.
When it's professional misconduct, some explanation is warranted. You can curate it as much as possible, but it should at least be sufficient to suggest, "Yes. That action deserves these consequences".
The NHL shop still has Corey Perry Blackhawks Jerseys advertised in their shop (and they may have already sold a bunch). Fans may have bought tickets to see him play. People may have him in their hockey pools. I don't gamble, but him being on Chicago may have been a factor in some of those decisions (maybe, I don't know).

Instead of closing the matter and moving on, they resolved absolutely nothing. Another shadow to linger over Chicago (and the NHL) for the foreseeable future.
This all makes it seem like he did something which would fall in line with those very things the organization has sworn to never allow to happen again, which would be why they are being so secretive.
That's the kind of devastating speculation they can't afford (unless that actually IS the reason, and we find out in another 10 years that they buried another incident).
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