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23 jun 2019
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>hanson493</b></div><div>what gives you any inkling they will compete this year or next year for that matter? whos playing goalie? you lost your best 2 scorers in panarin and duchene. dzingel didnt even stay. wasted a ton of draft capital. wennberg looked terrible last 2 years. nyquist signing was a good one and the defense is pretty decent but i just dont see whos replacing the goals scored or whos keeping the puck out of the net.</div></div>

I'm not a CBJ fan as such so it's not "you" in this case. But you seem to be one of those who don't actually know Columbus but suddenly have an opinion about them. First of all, the two best scorers (by PPG) last season were Panarin and Atkinson, not Panarin and Duchene. Dzingel and Duchene were both only ok in the regular season for the Jackets, and whereas Duchene really started playing in the playoffs, Dzingel disappeared completely. Of the five players who scored 40+ points last season only Panarin has left. The only legitimate concern you brought up though is their goalie situation. So technically the only players CBJ really lost this summer were Panarin and Bob because Duchene and Dzingel were nothing but (relatively) expensive rentals to begin with. All the Jackets are missing now are a Panarin replacement (Nyquist isn't that) and a Bob replacement, otherwise the team is pretty much the same. But there are players like Texier and Bemström, both with massive potential, waiting to claim their spot.
Forum: Armchair-GM 2 sep 2019 à 14 h 52