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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dannibalcorpse</b></div><div>I do not think it's a stretch to call Brandt Clarke equal to a 1st rounder - he was the #8OA pick in 2021 and has done nothing but validate that pedigree since.

So, with that in mind, it's worth noting: the only goalie traded in the last 5 years for a 1st round pick was Darcy Kuemper before last season - colorado gave up a 1st you could reasonably predict would be a pick in the mid/late-20s, Connor Timmins, and a conditional 3rd for Darcy Kuemper with retention. Kuemper was coming off a 3 year run in Arizona where he put up a .922 SV% and 2.35 GAA in 111 GP, getting Vezina &amp; postseason All-Star votes in 2 of those years, and even getting some down-ballot Hart Trophy votes in 2019. In other words, dude was on a crazy heater and Colorado viewed him as the guy to get them over the hump - and they *still* got retention coming back in that deal.

Even if you throw out Demko's struggles this year (a big ask, I'd say), his numbers still don't touch Kuemper's - .913 SV%, 2.83 GAA, and only really recognized with postseason award votes last season. I just can't see him getting similar value back in a trade, especially when you have to consider that he struggled mightily this year before getting injured - his trade value has definitely taken a hit.

Beyond all that - why the hell would the Kings, in playoff position, trade 2 of their 3 goalies with NHL experience for a guy in Demko who still isn't healthy enough to play and has been out with a lower body injury for 2+ months at this point? And even more so: in what world would the Kings trade Jonathan Quick for *anything*? Dude's the franchise icon, I can get it if he decides to do the Marty Brodeur "one more year" in a weird jersey, but that'll be his choice, not the team unceremoniously shipping him out.</div></div>

Most of that was great so thank you for putting some thought into it. That last paragraph was objectively poor. A quick read of all the comments above (fair if you didnt) and you'd see that this trade is under the assumption Demko is back and playing pre TDL, Quick and Petersen were simply added to help LA with Cap (not because VAN would want them). I think VAN would be fine to let the ship sail on Clarke since he is apparently the second coming of Bobby Orr according to this thread and have the deal be Demko for Grans, a 2023 1st and a sub-23 y/o B-to-B+ forward prospect.
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