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Forum: Armchair-GM17 mai 2022 à 8 h 57
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ledge_And_Dairy</b></div><div>Petry has positive value? LMAO :tearsofjoy The guy will be 35 next year and making over 6M for 3 more years, not to mention his clear decline this season. Gio was 35 when he won the Norris with 3 years left of term and I am quite confident nobody would have offered much at all for him then. Allen is an upgrade over Dreiger? Based on what? 1 season? Barron is a solid RD prospect, not amazing or anything but solid. Montreal went to the finals last year vs Tampa, how can you aren't high on Gourde? That's like saying you you don't think Danault is very good, whether he fits the Habs window or not does not take away from the player he is</div></div>

Just had to check what team you were a fan of and it doesn’t seem like there’s any reasoning with you. Petry returned to form under St. Louis and put up the same, if not better, numbers than he did last year when he garnered Norris votes, while playing on a way worse team who traded four good pieces away at the deadline. Considering the right D market lives and dies with Letang and Klingberg, some team will be left with a good top 4 d. Has Dallas ever shied away from a player because of his age? Does Philly even care about a player’s age as long as he can help them get better now? And I’m sure when Gio won the Norris the only thing you were thinking about was dumping the remainder of his contract because “oh my God he’s over 35!!!!!” Petry will return value, you’re just too set in your opinion and too stubborn to see that, and that’s okay, our arguments on this hockey site don’t affect anything in the nhl.

Allen has been a solid starter throughout his career. Dreidger was a backup for 35 games (35!!!!) on a very good Florida team and put up those numbers. How’d he do this year on the kraken? They were supposed to be solid defensively and still finished better in the standings than the Habs. Allen is 100% better and more proven than Dreidger.

Barron was the main piece in the Lehkonen trade, and Lehkonen was highly valued by the Canadiens and has been excellent for the avalanche. He’s a good d prospect who will stabilize the right side of the Canadiens top four for years to come.

Yes I saw how he performed on a stacked team in the Stanley cup final. He’s a nice player, but again, on a cup contending team he is a third line center. Montreal is anything but that. He’s making over $5 mil and is on the wrong side of 30. If Montreal wanted that they could’ve just paid Phil, who got a very similar contract. My argument here is that Montreal doesn’t make sense as a fit to trade for Gourde. Don’t get me wrong that he’s an excellent player on a contending team, but he’s not a top 6 center that I see people good trading prospects and picks to acquire.