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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Haymaker26</b></div><div>I get the concern, but we're not talking about <em>just another 30+ year old.</em>

Here's where I stand: I don't really care about the future right now. Guentzel is an elite part of our core in his prime. Malkin, Letang, Rakell, and Rust are already signed long term on contracts that won't be very good by the time they're done. What's one more win now contract for a team that's a few seasons away from a long, hard rebuild? This team's immediate future is a more pressing issue than the far-off consequences of actions that will benefit us in the short term.
And we'll need players to actually fill the roster while we draft and develop the next group. Jake and Rust seem like good candidates to me for leadership roles to bridge the gap between the Big 3 and their successors.</div></div>

8 x 8 contract is massive though. 8 years could potentially be going past the rebuild even. I think it's fair to wonder if this teams best years are behind them after last year. I don't know whether that is the case or not, but I don't think we should go into this offseason assuming they will contend past 2-3 more years. Need to take it year by year when you have a core this old. I get wanting to win now, but having 0 concern for the future when we haven't won a playoff series in 5 years and declined even further the last year I feel could be really disastrous for the future of the team. That contract could be completely immovable by time we rebuild. Then at that point were looking at significantly extending the rebuild making it much longer than it has to be. I guess my concern is that we don't even know whether we'll be a true contender next year so the best thing to do if keep our draft picks this offseason and then wait and see. If we are in a wildcard spot at the deadline or lower then I think we have to trade him. Especially if we are not looking good at that point. I get what your saying completely but an 8 x 8 for this team could be disastrous given how almost every contract on the team will be a negative in 2-3 more years. I just don't think it's a certainty that we even contend next year, maybe they come back and shock us showing they have a ton left in the tank, maybe it declines even worse than this year. But I don't want to do anything super drastic until we see for certain.