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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hockeyfan1234</b></div><div>They just are never going to do that to Crosby, Malkin, and Letang. Especially Crosby. As long as he is here, they will contend. It doesn’t matter what we think they should do. If they are contending for a playoff spot, whether it’s barely in or barely out, they will keep him and go for it. Most likely they re-sign him and then when Crosby and Geno retire they likely trade him to a contender and start the rebuild. Same with Rakell and Rust. But with how the recent signings have had their contracts structured, they are definitely contending for at least 2 years…probably 4 years.</div></div>

2 years you can make the case. But no way they contend for 4 more years. Your first point in principal is correct, but I don't believe they will be contending for a playoff spot for that long. If they are close then sure that argument can be made. But at some point in the next few years they will drop off. And badly. Who knows for sure when that will come. If they miss playoffs by a lot then do they rebuild? Like at some point they will have to accept it. When you try to contend and you miss playoffs by a lot then at that point its irrefutable. Here's the issue with the Rakell, Rust, Guentzel contracts. They have value now, but will they in 2 years? Or 4 years like you are saying? The Rust contract already might not have value. They will not retain the value for long. Look I would love nothing more than for the core to contend and retire here together. Seeing them win another cup together would be unreal. But is it realistic at this point? Not blaming them at all, but Hextall made a lot of decisions that really dug this roster into a deep hole. That I don't know can be fixed in an offseason. If we miss by a lot, like 10 or more points, and it continues to go downhill, is it fair to force the core to go out like that? If they want to stay through the rebuild and mentor young talent then absolutely they should. But if they want to go to a contender as opposed to remain on a declining team they have that right. They've earned it. As much as I will not like it. Again, hope they stay. I think the disconnect here is that I agree with what your saying in principal and if what your saying happens then I'm fine contending, but I think we are closer to a drastic drop off than a cup. I really really hope they all prove me wrong. Like I said, if we hire Dubas I will have a lot of optimism. I think he will have full control to do whatever he wants, which is what the team needs.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hockeyfan1234</b></div><div>Well it depends on the free agent signings. Crosby, Malkin, and Letang look great and I find it hard to believe they will have a massive drop off. Rakell, Rust, and Jake are in their prime still. Pettersson is just entering his prime. POJ and smith will be entering their primes in a few years, Rutta is in his early 30s still. Poehling and Nylander are still young. I mean you’re complaining about being old then trade young players to replace them with much older and lesser players lol. Make it make sense.

Again Smith’s ceiling isn’t higher than POJ’s lol. Smith’s ceiling is hoping to be where POJ is now. They are both the same age. Most likely what happens is POJ is a good 2nd pair D and Smith is a solid 3rd pair D. I mean it was only POJ’s first season. He should get better as he enters his prime.

Gudas for sure isn’t an improvement. It’s rearranging deck chairs on the titanic. He’s playing good this playoffs…whoopty do. Rutta played well with TB in the playoffs lol. That means nothing if he comes to Pittsburgh playing in Sully’s system which doesn’t call for that type of play. And whether you believe it’s time to change the system is irrelevant. Sully never will. So keep dreaming. Also I’ve never said I was against signing Bertuzzi. But as a whole the forward core sucks just as bad, if not worse than last year. If Bertuzzi is replacing Zucker, great. If he’s replacing a 40 goal scoring Guentzel AND Zucker …not so great.

Right vegas is doing that in the playoffs. You think that would hold up the whole regular season? And Florida only got in cause the pens crapped the bed. There are plenty of better options in free agency than the oft-injured Murray and the very inconsistent Korpisalo. You’re better off re-signing Jarry and bringing in a Freddy Andersen than this tandem.

The pens can restock their prospect pool by keeping their 1sts and signing college free agents and allowing for more opportunity in the AHL for drafted and signed players rather than filling up with guys like Caggiula, Ouellet, and other journeyman AHL players to play the significant roles. Maybe guys like Hallander wouldn’t sign 5 year deals in Sweden to take him to UFA or Lindberg wouldn’t sign a deal in Finland.</div></div>

Forward core as a whole is much younger here than last year. It's tough to get younger when everyone in free agency is 27+.

Guess we agree to disagree on POJ and Smith. I think Smith has way way more offensive potential. We shall see.

Gudas plays a role, which is bringing physicality to the team. He plays a playoff style game. We need to diversify the lineup. Too many of the same types of players. What does Rutta bring that others on the D don't. Maybe he's not significantly better than Rutta, but I would argue he is an improvement and brings something different to the table. I wouldn't say talk of changing the system is irrelevant. What if new GM wants Sully to change it? What if it continues being a problem into next year? At some point it's gotta give if it's not working.

I do think that goaltending would hold up in regular season, because it did for Vegas.

Agree on the college free agents part, you are 100% correct there.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hockeyfan1234</b></div><div>If we are a borderline wild card team…absolutely you don’t trade him. You’re still contending. If the team is out of it or basically out of it come deadline, and they can’t re-sign him by then, then that is totally different. You absolutely trade him 50% but you definitely get more than just a 1st and a couple prospects or essentially paying to dump him 50% retained like in another acgm.</div></div>

If we're one point out of wild card and playing as poorly as we did last year at the time of the TDL do we trade him or risk losing him for nothing? Like last year it was so obvious we weren't going anywhere at TDL. Not because of our standing position, but because of how we were playing and the glaring issues we had. Had more to do with the way we were losing and inability to play team defense, a must for the playoffs. If it's like injuries and stuff like that why were low in standings maybe you take that chance, but not if we just look bad overall and have structural issues as bad as last year. And if we miss playoffs again I don't know why we'd re-sign him to an 8 x 8 deal. Missing 2 years in a row after losing 4 playoff series with a team as old as ours to me signals it's time for a rebuild. That's not the type of contract you give anywhere close to a rebuild. Like I'm open to the idea of trying to see if we can contend another year, especially if it's a smart GM like Dubas, but if we miss again even after that then to me there's no question that it's rebuild time.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hockeyfan1234</b></div><div>I never said bringing in Orlov was a bad thing. I said as a whole product it’s a downgrade. And yes this team is a wild card team. They were a point away from making the playoffs and lost quite a few games via some dumb luck. This team is literally between a 10th place team and a 7th place team. Ty Smith’s ceiling is a 2nd pair D and that’s being generous. He most likely is a 3rd pair defenseman. POJ is likely a 2nd pair D. So you’re hoping Smith can become what POJ is now. Why take the risk?
Gudas isn’t an improvement on Rutta. Both are 3rd pair dmen that could probably give 2nd pair minutes for short spurts ICE. Being physical means nothing when the system doesn’t call for it. Players that are good puck movers and skate well thrive better than ones that can’t and rely on physicality. And this forward core is in no way shape or form deeper than last year. That’s just laughable. You’re going from Guentzel to Bertuzzi on the 1st line LW which is a downgrade. You’re going from Zucker to a guy that couldn’t even crack the piss poor bottom 6 of Toronto in Robertson. That’s an extreme downgrade. You’re asking Bertuzzi, and the two 35+ year olds to carry 3 players that shouldn’t be anywhere near a top 6 of a decent team just so you can stuff top 6 players into your bottom 6 to pretend there is depth when there isn’t. And Poulin absolutely isn’t ready for the nhl. He missed most of last season. He needs time in the Ahl to season a bit.
And even if you want to pretend the forward core and the d core are vastly improved…it doesn’t matter at all cause the goaltending is absolutely atrocious. If you thought this year was bad goaltending wise, this duo would be probably 10 times worse.</div></div>

So if we missed the playoffs by a point last year what will it be next year with everyone a year older? And with emerging teams like Buffalo, Detroit, and Ottawa likely to make the playoffs.

Smith didn't get a chance last year, but it matters a lot if his ceiling and talent level is higher because we need as much youth in the lineup as we can get. POJ was solid overall, but I wouldn't say he's a great 2nd pair guy. Solid, but much better on 3rd pair.

Gudas is for sure an improvement. He's been playing fantastic this playoffs. And physicality does matter. It's evidenced by this playoffs. There's no way we could handle Florida in a 7 game series with the physicality they bring. I know our system doesn't call for it, it's time to change the system. There's no way we can get enough youth and speed to be able to implement Sully's system. I'm not saying get a bunch of goons, but get some guys with physicality and grit who can also play. We need a Hornqvist type badly. That's what Bertuzzi is.

Vegas has a bunch of backups rotating in goal. Bobrovsky was not playing up to standard during the season. So much of winning in the playoffs is just what goalie gets hot at the right time. No one would've predicted Bobrovsky playing like this. I would rather have a solid 1a 1b tandem and see who gets hot then trade a valuable 1st round pick and prospect for a goalie who may or may not work out. The position is so volatile right now.

I can understand your criticisms, I just think a team like us right now should focus on the future and restoring our prospect pool, even if we try and retool the team through free agency and contend 1-2 more years.