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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JSEB93</b></div><div>You're not wrong at all - that is their playstyle. I guess the optimist in me says if the Pens can keep it a 1 goal game against those teams all it takes is one lucky bounce or deflection. The playoffs can be weird.

I don' think I can agree on the healthy or not statement though. They did look bad against the Ducks and Sens for sure, but they still aren't healthy. This team was tied for 2nd with CAR when Petry went down. Then Archibald went down. Then Letang. Then Poehling. Then Jarry. Even Zucker and Pettersson missed a game here and there recently. They look bad right now - I'm not trying to defend that. I'm just saying I don't think it's crazy to believe a healthy Pens team would have a chance to beat one of those teams in a playoff series.</div></div>

You have a good argument, but I'm just not seeing that. Hurricanes beating us 4 times in a row just isn't a fluke at this point. Bruins a complete juggarnaut. Hurricanes much faster and Bruins just way way better team from top to bottom. Both in the mix for Horvat too. Even if we beat one of them then we'd have Maple Leafs, Lightning, NJ, or Rangers next. This is all if we make the playoffs though, which I dont think we will at this point. Before the injuries happened we were still an incredibly streaky team. The bottom 6 was still bad, especially third line, D was not playing well, and they had that 7 game losing streak while completely healthy. Their 5 on 5 production was very bad too while healthy. Their powerplay was on a heater and Jarry was great, so I thought they won some games where they got outplayed (Rangers, Sabres) and struggled to beat bad teams like the Blackhawks. And they struggled to play a full 60 all season. That's been a problem from the start. I would say their 15-3-2 stretch was more of a fluke than the losing streaks were.
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