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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pens1991</b></div><div>I don't know honestly, I believe they do. Smith is UFA the same time as Sid, you don't go out and get EK if you're not serious about going for it this season and next. We all know as long as Sid is playing at a high level the goal will be to go for it.

Agree on Jake, if he's having a strong season at the deadline he should fetch a really solid return.

I assume he figured EK would = more offense to the bottom six forwards. I bickered all summer because as great of a player as EK is, I believe the penguins could've made a much stronger bottom six by keeping Petry and moving rutta/Desmith/Granlund (buyout). I'm still not out on the team, and specifically with how aggressive Dubas has been in the past with the leafs.

Pens are 4th in team SV% behind Vegas/NYR/Boston, added to top 5 in 5v5 Xgoals. They clearly are showing positive signs.

I think a coaching change comes soon, I think Reirden goes potentially after the game tonight, and I think Dubas makes a trade in the next month.

Agree on net front presence big time hence this AGM I made as I find these guys to be pretty good Net front players.</div></div>

Seems like we agree mostly, but I am just more skeptical on their ability to still contend. If they do they need to get a major impact player at deadline that is a Hornqvist type. I loved the EK trade and think we needed it for our transition game, but we still have a lot of problems remaining. And we need to completely change our system. It will work against some of the slower teams, even good slower teams, but come playoff time we will be overwhelmed by metro. It's so fast which is why were back against metro teams. We need to completely slow it down and incorporate a trap when we need to hold a lead. We can't play fast the entire game, which is why I think we run out of steam a lot in the 3rd. Structure is what will win it for us not speed.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pens1991</b></div><div>I don't think the pens are sellers at the deadline for a few reasons.

Outside of Jake and Ned they don't have any UFAs that could be flipped for a return at TDL. (could maybe throw in guys like Z and Vinnie, DOC and Nieto but don't believe they'd bring much back). Maybe you can move Acciari...?

Eller could be easy to move give he doesn't carry an NTC/NMC.

Everyone else will be much more difficult given age/contract and how tight the cap is across the league right now. Rust, graves, jarry rakell, much much more difficult to move and most likely impossible.

I can agree on spending 1st's might be out of the question, but Dubas making deals in the offseason for Smith and Karlsson to me signifies he's not going to give up on the core. If they go full rebuild they have nothing at all, no prospects to play, no 1st next year. I think they'll want to attempt to contend this year and next as Sid becomes a UFA after next season. They're still a top 5 team in 5v5 expected xgoals. They need to fix the powerplay.

-0/2 vs sabres on PP, lost by 1
-0/5 vs Rags on PP, lost by 1
2/7 vs Ducks on PP, lost by 1

The PP should not be this brutal given the talent they can roll out.

2nd and last in the Metro is split by 6 points... its a very very tight division right now.

They're not going to give up yet, specially with yet again how well Sid is playing.

At that point maybe they can then have guys like Yager, Pickering, Pieniniemi, Blomqvist, (maybe Broz) all up in the league</div></div>

I don't think the moves Dubas made signify that he is going all in past this year though. I think that is his hope, but he also said in the press conference that if the season goes south you have to be able to adjust your strategy at the deadline. To me I think his plan sounded like go all in this year then re-evaluate on a year by year basis. I could be wrong and none of us really know for sure.

I think Guentzel being traded is what selling would look like. If we are more than 5 points out of a playoff spot by time the TDL rolls around I would sell personally. Don't think we will give him a long term contract and at that point we don't want to lose him for nothing.

PP is a big problem, but it is not the only one. Roster is older, they don't play team defense, the team struggles to hold leads, we have no net front presence or a Hornqvist type player, etc. I just can't envision us contending, the roster is significantly better than last year but the team has an even worse record than we did at that point. To me that is worrying when it comes to an overall decline. I could be wrong, certainly hope I am.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Mr_Gardoki</b></div><div>Personally, I don't think the Pens need a major upgrade on the third pair. The beauty of their current top-four is they have the ability to play big minutes and our third pair has been good enough. Great? No, but good enough. If they pick up an upgrade, it wouldn't be anything significant.

I think the real focus is finding one more scoring winger for the third pair. I love DOC, but if he keep playing the game of "almost" we're gonna need to address that.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JSEB93</b></div><div>I'm not against an upgrade - just curious if they can fit it under the cap. Honestly idk why they don't just go back to POJ/Ruhwedel. They played 3 great games and then 1 bad one and we acted like it was the worst pairing of all time lol. We love our xGF%, but for some reason when it comes to their 66% we just ignore it. They had one of the lowest xGA/60 in the league as well.

I know it's not a large sample size, but based on the numbers it seemed like they had way too short of a leash with that pair.</div></div>

I think we need a net front presence for the third pair. Doesn't need to be anything crazy, but just someone who can protect our net better. POJ and Ruhwedle are fine, but I just think that is what the team is missing most so it's more about what type of player we need than them being bad. Peeke is good, Hakanpaa would be good too. Also think we consider moving Rakell. Like him a lot but if we could get two players that cost around 2.5, one for third line and one for top two lines I think that gives us way more depth.