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5 jui 1978
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Bluejackets2000</b></div><div>The fact of the matter is...either the Leafs don’t know prospects (Foudy), or they do and trying to land him in this deal for a player that the Jackets don’t even need, or want. I would bet that the Leafs know Foudy Very well, he played Junior hockey right there close to Toronto.

The Jackets will rely on increased scoring and development of Texier, Bemstrom, Robinson, and Foudy while Nyquist is rehabbing.

Leafs fans should know That the Jackets scout very well, draft very well, develop very well, and typically don’t make trades like this rhat give up a very highly regarded prospect (a center) for a scoring winger that they probably don’t need and can’t afford (once they re-up Dubois, Bjorkstrand, Werenski, &amp; Jones.

Will Foudy be better than Robinson?
It doesn’t matter because a) Robinson wasn’t included in this deal and b) Columbus would reject this deal quickly.

The Jackets scouted Foudy and took him with many higher “ranked” prospects available.
Doesn’t that tell you something?
Or the fact that the Jackets took Dubois over Puljujarvi??
Who did the scouts and ranking services have there?
Or that the Jackets took Chinakov over about 60-70 higher ranked prospects???

Foudy is one of a handful of untouchable prospects in the organization.

Oh, and FYI, trading the Dubi contract has no value to Columbus. You should know that.
Fully insured, and they are willing to ride it out 1 more year.

As for Jenner, he brings it all every shift, like Foligno. He is the lifeblood of the culture and leadership of the team. I could see where Toronto needs someone like him, to pull a lot of skilled players together and give them what they need to succeed, like he has done for the Jackets.
Who knows, Jenner would probably be captain if Foligno leaves after next year.</div></div>

My comments had nothing to do with fans of any team. I didn't even comment on the trade. I guess people don't read here anymore.