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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Sign_em_up000000</b></div><div>First off what the eff is up bro, how ya been?

Second off IMO braun is an upgrade his defensive numbers look good this year and I think him and muzz would make a good shutdown pair.

I also think klingberg would be a good fit with muzzin because he'd allow muzz to focus on his game while he moves the puck. I also think he'd be a much better fit un our system than Dallas' I know pleasebanmeformyowngood has mentioned it a few times and I have to say I agree.

The one thing no one has talkec about is if we upgrade/move holl we need to replace his minutes on the pk which is also why I like braun. However, for the package presented above brassard needs to be heading our way as well.

Our boy Trickster likes Severson which I think is a good middle ground between the two options I mentioned but it would be dependent on the price to aquire him IMO.</div></div>

What up dude!

So... Braun: let's assume he is an upgrade, the question then becomes how much of an upgrade is he really? IMO he just isn't a big enough upgrade to add that costs more than a 4th. I also don't think Braun is good enough to play night in, night out during the playoffs on the second pair. Maybe playing him for one game you may get away with it.. but an entire 7 game series? Nu uh.

As for Klingberg, there's some Leafs followers (Trickster included) who think Klingberg would fit well with Muzzin. I disagree with that just because he's more similar to Tyson Barrie than he is to a puck moving, rough and tumble type of D that the Leafs sorely need for a playoff run.

I'm not sure a D like the one I described above is available and so.. I don't know. Dubas can't keep giving up picks and prospects every TDL.

I'm not a fan of Keefe but he did say one thing recently about the young players figuring out what's it like to play higher in the lineup especially if Dubas &amp; co. plan to play the likes of Sandin and Liljegren second and eventually first pair minutes.
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