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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>fangm</b></div><div>I agree that at times Sheldon is an easy target but having played to a high level I can say from what I see he is a really bad coach.

I'll give you a few reasons why I think this:

1. A common problem I see with the leafs (especially on the PP and in transition) is that they overthink everything. Their PP id actually at its best when individuals are chasing stats because then at least everyone is feeding Matthews or Knies or Bert or whoever is chasing the milestone/hatty/etc. I blame Keefe for this. If you read any "behind the scenes" on Keefe he's a massive strategists and he's know for studying other games, teams, sports and constantly proposing new ideas but rarely acting on them. Essentially the way he coaches (loads of thinking and strategizing with minimal action) is exactly how the team plays on the ice.

2. Team doesn't show up on time or for big games. Having played AAA to the point where teammates respect each other more than the coach (likely the situation in the Leafs room) one of the main things a coach needs to still be capable of doing in that environment is motivating the team. If he losses that control/respect then he is reliant on team members to do this. Some teams (like the early 2010s rangers had a strong leadership core and this was fine) but the Leafs don't have that and if Keefe isn't doing it then it seems nobody is (maybe this is changing we've seen Tavares and Rielly specifically be more engaged this year).

3. Lack of adjustments. O'Reilly essentially called him out for it last year but Keefe defaults back to certain players and combinations when the team struggles. Despite all his strategizing he doesn't rearrange his team to meet the tasks at hand, he rearranges them to what worked in the past. If things go south you'll see Rielly/Brodie, Mathews/Marner, Jarnkrok in the top 6, Lili's ice time down. This is just his default and it shouldn't be. He should be more flexible and adapt based on what is needed to win. Maybe that means that the Leafs trust their bottom 9 is better than Bostons given their depth issues so they load up Nylander/Matthews/Marner to make sure they win the top line matchup. Idk what the series will need but I'm pretty confident Keefe won't deliver.</div></div>

I've tried to convey some of the same things you have pointed out here but Idon't know if some of us are in agreement with these things.

Starting on time and inspiring the team to elevate their play are two things that have been a consistent problem under Keefe.

As for the playoffs matchup, Boston and Florida play similar enough in the ratty ways and I feel it didn't matter which team they'd play.

Start on time and handle the ratty situations smartly. But yeah..I'm not confident sadly.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>aadoyle</b></div><div>Why would u start Sammy vs. TBL when TBL and specifically Kucherov has had his number

Sammy should get DET, Woll TBL, and Jones FLA to just allow for no injuries

Also thats a pretty ignorant statement none of the goalies have stolen games

Did you forget the WPG game

Sammy stole that and thats when we knew he was back;ab_channel=SPORTSNET

Still remember him stopping 4 shots on a 2-0 and Keefe benching the big 4. And look at the shots 13mins through the 2nd....

Game 6 vs. TBL last year also robbed them a few times before JT won them the series

Woll also has some moments here and there before the injury. Not full on steals but close</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RipNasty</b></div><div>I would say that is very untrue. Both Sammy and Woll can steal games, both have done so this season on multiple occasions. What's more important those is for our goalies to not lose us games. Samsonov definitely does that at times. And has a history of it. This season he had a month straight of blowing games. Woll's problem was health related. Got unlucky with a sprained ankle and has worked himself back into game shape. He should be the starter for sure. So long as the leafs play well in front of Woll he's very unlikely to hurt us. Likely wins us some games. Sammy can do that as well but we know by now that he's also going to have moments where he loses focus and it will cost us. I just wouldn't take the risk. He flops all over the place making athletic saves but sometimes it burns him and it's harder to play with a guy like vs a poised positional guy. Start Woll</div></div> comments were specifically about the playoffs. I realize both of these guys have stolen games in the regular season but the playoffs are a different story.

Anyway I think it's a recipe for disaster to count on the goalies to play like Vasi, Hellebyuck and Shesterkin do.

The forwards and D-core just need to be better. This team has the game breakers, it just needs to play lock down defense in their end.

Also forgot that Jones can play one of the Florida/Tampa games and that makes sense and allows the other goalies to focus on the team they likely play in game 1.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>palhal</b></div><div>Jim Balsille made an attempt to bring the Coyotes (or was it Nashville) to Hamilton much later than 1992...I'm guessing 2004. The city of Hamilton made a presentation in 1990 at the expansion meeting, but no owner, put up even 100,000 dollars to make a presentation. Hey I think a Hamilton team would have been successful, but obviously people with money.Ron Joyce of Tim Hortons. was a candidate didn't want to pony up the money.
As we saw with the Sens, and their expansion team, it was shell game, based upon the arena and real estate. Ottawa was lucky to hold onto their franchise the later owners bailed out the bankrupt Sens.
Even Tampa had financial problems with their initial owner. They were bailed out by the current owner too.

A former business associate, talked about bringing a team to Markham Ontario. He had the money for a franchise, (in the Seattle expansion) but wanted the city of Markham to give him the land for an arena, and to pay any operating deficients for the arena. The city said no.

Don Cherry? Don't know if relying facts in his book. Don is just is trying to portray his "blue collar image" of defending Canada and the people of Hamilton. The folks in Hamilton still blame Leafs ownership for whatever reason.</div></div>

Hamilton was an option for Balsile but if I'm remembering correctly, he actually wanted to move the team to Kitchener-Waterloo.

Remember NYI ownership issues before Charles Wong took over? Yeah disastrous.

Before Pittsburgh got Crosby/Malkin/the new arena there was talk of the Penguins leaving Pittsburgh.

Before Terry Pegula took over the Buffalo Sabres, they heading towards relocation too.

All under Gary Bettman. It's time...move on Gary.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RipNasty</b></div><div>That's a Keefe issue more than anything, defending a lead with Reaves out on the ice is obviously ridiculous.

However, game 1 vs Florida is 100% going to get out of hand. It'll be nuts. Having Reaves in the lineup to run everyone is going to be a good idea. Game 2 he can come out and back in for game 3. I think it was Adam Oats on Kyper and Bourne who was saying those are the two really emotional games. The first game gets silly, and then the 2nd game calms down and then when you switch back to the other teams barn it gets silly again. Then it'll be calm again. As calm as playoff hockey gets anyways. I don't know who comes out, maybe it is Jarnkrok since he's missed so much time. Also injuries will happen as well.</div></div>

For all the people who think Keefe is not an issue or don't have problems with him as the coach, Reaves being out during the final minutes of a game just points out why he isn't the coach that will elevate/inspire this team to win in the playoffs.

As for using Reaves in the playoffs? Absolutely will need to have him in some games to keep the rats of other teams in check but definitely not a every game player for sure.

Goaltending is tricky because Woll is the guy of the future but he definitely hasn't earned the game 1 start. There's also Matt Murray and how he's had his surgery so...maybe he is a real option after whatever conditioning stint he goes through with the Marlies.

I guess the goalie stuff will depend on how Samsonov looks in game 1.
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