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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Gronk9911</b></div><div>Ask yourself this, If I’m the Jets do I want Campbell? The answer is absolutely not.

If your the Oilers and you want Hellebuyck do you need Skinner? The answer is no.

So, I’ll help you out with what you already know, any trade for Hellebuyck doesn’t start until the name Skinner is attached.

The Jets don’t give a crap about the Oilers cap space, you want Hellebuyck, that’s the start. Also, the other pieces involved gets you kicked out of the conversation as well.
Picks are fine, but players &amp; prospects are not getting it done.

Meanwhile, that’s a huge overpay for a player (Pesce) in his last year of a contract, I’d clarify that as a trade and sign.

Not to keep picking on you, nobody is retaining salary.</div></div>

- Your first point, do Jets want Campbell? If the appropriate compensation is provided I believe they will be willing to take him. I believe that i have provided that here with the draft capital and solid prospects in the trade.

- if i am the oilers i easily keep skinner while also trading for hellebuyck. Having two solid goaltenders is crucial for success. So skinner is staying.

- i fail to see how u believe picks are fine but prospects aren’t. If anything prospects are superior than picks because the team is trading for a already known established young talent who has a higher chance of panning out down the line than a draft pick which could end up being anything from a bust to a gem.

- As for salary retention on both trades if the jets and canes want to maximize the value they receive by retaining on these expiring deals, it would be worth there while.

- As for the price on pesce. It will be competitive to acquire him. Good teams make big moves to improve now and if it means paying that price for a top pairing d man then go for it. His contract expiring can be a concern when we get to the 2024 offseason rn the oilers must look to go for the cup in 2023-2024 season.
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