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Some dude quoted incorrect stats in a Matthews vs Eichel post recently I'm here to correct that.

Matthews Eichel
0.56gpg > 0.38gpg
0.42EVgpg > 0.27EVgpg
1.01ppg > 0.95ppg
0.73EVppg > 0.61EVppg

51.7FO% > 43.7FO%
0.95TKpg > 0.56TKpg (Takeaways per game)
0.77GVpg > 0.84GVpg (Giveaways per game)
0.85BLKpg > 0.53BLKpg (Blocks per game)
0.37HITpg < 0.65HITpg (Hits per game)

52.6EVCF% > 49.6EVCF% (Even Strength Corsi %)
Matthews also has a dSZ% (defensive zone starts %) of 42% compared to Eichel's 41.8% too.

Matthews is a +37.4 in expected goals while Eichel is a -12.5. He's also the best 5v5 goal scorer since entering the NHL.

In Matthews first year, he finished 38th in Selke votes, 11th in Hart votes, and 6th In the Byng votes. Since then he's placed 8th twice in Byng votes. Matthews also won the calder.
Eichel finished 4th in calder votes and has had nothing since then.

Take from these stats what you will, but they indicate Matthews is a better goal scoring, point producing, and all around center than Eichel. His isolated number show even more dominance, especially defensively.

Matthews has had better linemates and teams since entering the NHL compared to Eichel, but not by much. Matthews most common linemates have been William Nylander, Zach Hyman, Patrick Marleau, Kasperi Kapanen, and Mitch Marner. All of which had their rookie year the same year Matthews did (Other than Patty). Matthews became a proven NHLer before all of them.
Eichels most common linemates have been Reinhart, Kane, Pominville, and Olfosson.
I've seen people making the argument that results would be different if you were to switch Eichel and Matthews. That might be true, or it might not be. Anything without statistical evidence in sports isn't an argument that can be made with certainty.

Matthews is currently the better player and has been since entering the NHL but neither has hit their potential yet so I guess we'll see who the better player is in thier prime.
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