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Forum: Armchair-GM27 janv. à 12 h 58
Sujet: Deadline
Forum: Armchair-GM10 sept. 2023 à 12 h 30
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ChiHawk</b></div><div>Vlasic takes the 1st line spot next to Jones IMO...regardless, he's playing for sure unless he gets hurt.

Tinordi will be a 7th man with Phillips, Roos, and Kaiser rotating in the lineup trying to figure out who's the best or top 2 out of those 3.

Dickinson plays 3rd line, he's definitely more than a 4th liner, however Perry is not. Reese Johnson along with Entwistle will regularly rotate in. I don't think Reichel is a center in the league but happy to be proven wrong.</div></div>

3rd and 4th line are more ice time allocations than labels, and in this case there isn’t much difference. That being said, a line of Foligno - Guttman - Perry would be trash.

Kurashev hopefully has some offensive talent to pair with Guttman while Perry is still serviceable at crashing and banging and finishing infront of the net to support those two young players.

Donato - Dickinson - Foligno is basically a line of the leftovers who are all competent defensively and should hopefully be capable of winning defensive zone draws and getting the puck to centre ice or further.

You may be right about Reichel, but for his development it would probably be best for him in centre as it gives him the most freedom and flexibility, defensive play be damned with this squad. Johnson can help him out there and with faceoffs, while AA’s speed will hopefully complement his.

I honestly wasn’t really sure who to put as 1LD and had half a mind to pencil Tinordi there since he’s the only NHL vet on that side, and I’d be slightly worried at throwing rookies to 22+ minutes a night, but if Vlasic earns that job it would very tidy work for Davidson. Ultimately I left Tinordi on the third pair because plugging a young guy with Zaitsev could possibly be detrimental to their development.
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Sujet: Not Done
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dopplsan</b></div><div>Would it really cost Boqvist *and* and a 2nd to get Backlund as a rental? And I really don't know what Vladar's value is, or if he really has any.

I'm a fan of pivoting to Backlund rather than Lindholm. He's a great 1C filler to give Fantilli some breathing room. And if he's willing to sign short-term on a team friendly-deal, all the better. I also prefer to move Boqvist rather than Peeke - Boqvist is an offensive-D who needs to play higher in the lineup, which is jsut not going to happen with Severson and Jiricek breathing down his neck. Peeke can excel in a sheltered third pairing role.

Vladar fits the bill of what we need - a G insurance policy, but I'm not sure Jarmo will trade for a $2.2M G jsut to bury him, and with Tarasov and Elvis not waivers-exempt, it'll be a tricky game (although I think there is a real chance Elvis could be put on waivers to be sent down to CLE to find his game if he struggles).

It'll be interesting to see if CGY pivots and moves their UFAs. I still think they go into the season with everyone, and wait until the TDL to see whether they have a shot or not.</div></div>

I know Backlund will be fairly costly given the year he just had, I'm not sure if it would cost that much because I don't know what value Boqvist presently has so added the second because I'd rather pay too much than not enough in an ACGM. I do agree with all the points you have made to an extent. I think Jarmo would be fine adding Vladar at his cost because he is waivers-proof because of his AAV, gives the goaltending depth necessary, and recent moves in FA have suggested ownership is not worried about cutting costs. Its also only a 2 year deal and can be wholly buried despite CBJ not having many expensive contracts to resign next year and the cap going up.