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What Sweeneys has done this summer is one of the reasons I really am kind of fed up with him. Pretty much every year its been these plug and pray type of moves. Stempniak, JML, Tommy Wingels (im probably missing more lol) and then the grand finale of signing 3rd line wingers and 3rd pair dmen this summer. And I understand that theres things that can limit what a GM can really do. Cap space, impending RFAs/UFAs, ect. but the ONE year where Sweeney made some bigger moves (Coyle and Johansson), we make a deep cup run. Yeah we had some help from CBJ and the Canes knocking out Caps and Bolts but the aggressiveness was there. We traded the "highly touted" Ryan Donato. I remember how mad fans were when we traded him. Just like they'd be mad if we traded Studnicka or Urho away. This team has always seemed to be missing that one piece to tie it all together. This year a little different with Rask out long term and Krejci leaving. But its clear that Sweeney and co. didnt have a back up plan for Krejci, the Ullmark signing imo is ballsy as all hell. Complete wild card. Im not a fan of Haula or Folingo (tho I'm sure I'll change my tune a bit on Folingo, just because he seems like a solid hockey player and would fit the Bruins culture well). I very much dislike Mike Reilly, think he's a liability defensively and that Mac and Grizz can handle the offensive production on the back end. I do like Nosek and Forbort. Forbort seems like a solid replacement for Kevan Miller on the back end. Similar player, may not be as tough as Miller but he should be sufficient on the 3rd pair d. The only thing I can say thats positive about this summer is they did add size. Everyone they added/resigned is over 6 feet, minus Hall. But overall I dont think they got better. At best they remained stagnant and I realistically cant even agree that they are the same team as last year with Rask and Krejci not being back. Its going to be an interesting year, I think as of now they're a wild card team.
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