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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mytduxfan</b></div><div>I like the fact you've taken a completely different approach to address our issues. Despite being a big believer in keeping Manson, I actually quite like the trade you've put together, especially considering that TOR a risk for not actually making the playoffs. I think the value is absolutely there. I just wouldn't personally do that deal because I don't like that RS without Manson. I am not on the Julius Honka hype train at all and certainly would never even consider playing him top pairing. Would rather just get a 2nd or 3rd for Grant. I don't understand why some fans want him signed. He's a neat player, but nothing special and totally movable. If we keep him, he only gains further leverage to demand a stupid contract after the good year he's had. No thanks. Don't understand moving Rowney. He's been good us and all we're returning is a few late round picks. Not worth it to me considering we'd probably spend more trading for a replacement or overpay on someone at UFA.</div></div>

Im on the same boat with Manson, Hate to see him go but if we can get a package like this for him I'd pull the trigger, and depending on the Pesce injury this may be a possibility

J. Honka may not be the ideal option but if we can get a player like that for Grant, who is a 4th liner and nothing more I'd take a flier on Honka, to be fair though I've always been a big fan of his

I don't see us getting more than a 4th for Grant tbh, I would love to get more but I was trying to be more realisitic with my returns and not absolute best case scenario, He should 100% get moved for the best offer tomorrow regardless what it is

Yeah the more I look at the Rowney deal the more I even question it, I think I was just having fun making trades, I figured his role could be filled by the combo of Backes/Comeau though