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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DomCholette</b></div><div>Hey man... all of your trade are TOO MUCH on Anaheim side!
One year of Getz would get you a A-Prospect +2x2nd...
Same with Lindholm... OUTCH! Lunkvist &amp; Robertson should have a big role starting next season... +1st!
Rakell is the closest one but again you select the a BlueChip + 1st (some team would pay this as Rakell as a very low salary point for cash)
Henrique would get you Montour alone or Hutton alone... or Johansen+2nd MAX... NOT ALL!</div></div>

The Lindholm deal is fine. Lundkvist + 1st for Lindholm is the price you pay for a top pairing defensively elite D-man. I assume Robertson is there because we're taking Staal on as a dump. I've seen another deal where it is Andersson + DeAngelo + Lundkvist + 1st. FWIW, I'd also do that deal too.

IMO Lindholm would be perfect in NYR, where the system seems to be to heavily weight minutes in zones based on skillset e.g. as an offensive D-man, DeAngelo gets a stupid amount of offensive starts and pretty much all PP time. Lindholm excels in defensive situations and could comfortably eat the big defensive minutes that Trouba really isn't suited for (and Skjei couldn't handle either). Lindholm's addition would also allow NYR to get more out of Trouba, who is really more offensively-gifted than he's allowed to be in his current role.

IMO, with the rise of Zibby as a legit 1C and the addition of Panarin, I really don't think NYR is that far off. It is literally that LHD side that looks so weak. You could also use a better 2C.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>OldNYIfan</b></div><div>Trading 7 veteran regulars is too much turnover -- that's not a re-tooling, it's a complete reconstruction. We'd only have Fowler and the expiring Gudbranson left from our core. John Gibson deserves better. Plus, you're only getting 6 regulars back, and two of them (Bennett and Johansson) are less than earthshaking. As to the actual trades:

Rakell = Timmins plus the first

Manson = Kapanen plus the second

No need for the Getzlaf trade, and he wouldn't waive anyway even if we asked him to, which we wouldn't

If we only made one trade this off-season, I'd choose the Rangers one

I don't think the return from the Buffalo trade is worth losing two of our top 6 forwards

I'd offer De Melo $4 million for 5 years

Sherwood didn't make any impression in his 10-game audition in the NHL this season, so I don't see him getting a 40% raise</div></div>


Rakell deal = seems very risky on our end. Timmins isn't a bluechip prospect IMO and the 1st is going to be mid-to-late round. Would rather do the Bear + 1st (more proven) for Rakell deal with EDM. Although, I'd prefer just hold onto him. I think Rakell is getting criminally undervalued because of his down years. Everyone knows he's going to bounce back once he's moved and are trying to get him on the cheap. He's worth more than Zucker.

Manson = yuck! No thanks. Pointless trade that achieves nothing.

Getzlaf = the value is there, but I suspect CGY doesn't even consider it. Moreover, we should be retiring Getzlaf unless he requests a trade. He's done right by us all these years and, given our whole selling point to big name players is that "we're a nice team to play for", I think shipping our captain and one of our all-time greats kind of muddies that reputation.

Lindholm = It's the only deal I'd strongly consider it. Lundkvist would be an extremely attractive addition for the future and we have a bunch of LHD prospects coming through. Could also add Drysdale at the draft to solidify the RH side for many years to come.

Silf + Henrique = again, the value is there, but I wouldn't do the deal because we need some veterans. Henrique is one of the few players on roster to have gone all the way to SCF. Meanwhile, Silf has really stepped up and is a playoff beast.

This is more of a rebuild than a retool IMO. However, this would be a good start to a rebuild.
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