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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CD282</b></div><div>You do realize that Bouchard was 11th among defensemen for 5v5 scoring last year, just 1 point behind Adam Fox, right? In what was effectively his rookie year? And that he's several years younger than Chychrun and his cap hit is &lt;$1M? And that he's a RHD on a team full of lefties? Yeah, there's no chance Edmonton trades Bouchard for Chychrun even 1-for-1, let alone adding two 1sts! :tearsofjoy

<a href="http://naturalstattrick.com/playercompare.php?fromseason=20212022&amp;thruseason=20212022&amp;stype=2&amp;sit=5v5&amp;score=all&amp;stdoi=std&amp;rate=y&amp;p1=8480803&amp;p2=8479345&amp;loc=B&amp;gpfilt=none&amp;fd=&amp;td=&amp;tgp=410&amp;lines=single" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">Bouchard v Chychrun, individual </a>

<a href="http://naturalstattrick.com/playercompare.php?fromseason=20212022&amp;thruseason=20212022&amp;stype=2&amp;sit=5v5&amp;score=all&amp;stdoi=oi&amp;rate=y&amp;p1=8480803&amp;p2=8479345&amp;loc=B&amp;gpfilt=none&amp;fd=&amp;td=&amp;tgp=410&amp;lines=single" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">Bouchard v Chychrun, on ice</a></div></div>

Outside of the hilarity that points are the only thing that matters here when the guy plays with two of the top 5 (or 3, or whatever) leading scorers, where do you even get your numbers? Bouchard was 14th at even strength points, 4 behind Fox. Either way, why the heck would being 11th in anything be a major factor here??? Churchrun obviously had a terrible down year... playing for the Coyotes. This is a joke of an arguing point

I added the two firsts to account for all the cap dumps that would need to happen to make this trade work (Barrie, Foegle, etc), on top of the fact that Churchrun has an amazing long term contract.

I guess Justin Faulk is a premiere defenseman in the league, because he was 9th in the league in even strength points... Morgan Rielly may as well also be given the Norris, being 7th in the league in even strength points... what a strange argument...

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