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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>csick</b></div><div>Yeah that was weird for sure. I thought they’d have Jones on the 3rd pair to start the year anywyas. I like K’Andre but idk if I’m his biggest fan. Like I’d be all for this trade . I don’t understand why people hate on Chychrun trade as if he’s a 28 year old declining D with injuries. He’s 23 lmao on a good contract.</div></div>

It's just tough when you look at the depth chart and impending cap troubles. Lindgren-Fox are married, they should never be split up. It'd have to be Chychrun-Trouba, which either puts Miller in the trade, or on the 3rd pairing which probably isn't good for his growth. He's definitely not the best defenseman in the world, but he shows flashes of strong 2nd pairing potential for sure. Good on both sides, but still young and makes some mistakes.

For me like you say, it'd have to absolutely include Nemeth going somewhere as well. Since all the other young kids are really struggling, the Rangers definitely need to re-sign Ryan Strome now. It'd be detrimental if they lose him in free agency. The cap with Nemeth + Chych makes it nearly impossible to sign Strome next year. Even if you take Nemeth out, it's still incredibly tight. That's my biggest reason for not being a fan of this trade. All the times Rangers fan (definitely myself included) had trading Strome, or putting Chytil on the 2nd line... he just isn't panning out, at least not yet. Strome has to return. He's gonna get at least 5million, if not closer to 6million, so I'm not sure bringing on Chychrun would help that unless some other drastic moves are made

Currently with Chych it'd be 16 contracts signed and 7.9million in cap space next year, take out Nemeth and that's 15 contracts and 10.4mil. We'll say Strome gets 5.5 and that's 16 contracts with 4.9mil space, and you need a backup goalie and Kakko. Even without Nemeth, that's tough
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