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Sujet: cap space
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BigShoots</b></div><div>I think thats where you are wrong. OEL 750k more which isn't nothing for starters. Then Gallagher is actually still a decent player where as OEL isn't. Dom's model has Gallagher worth 4.1 this yr. At -500k. Not to mention Gallagher is a pest and a tenacious and infectious players. Which is literally the opposite of OEL who is soft, languid and uninspired. So that is a huge win for the Canucks.

Boeser I think most people would say isn't going to be the player we thought he was early in his career and will likely never be worth the almost 7 mil hes on. Beauvillier is a dime a dozen guy. Serviceable but nothing special.

Trading down is the big hit for the Canucks.

But this way they clear over 11 mil in cap space and get out from OEL for the price of moving down in the draft. It's a no brainer for Vancouver in my mind.

Take that 11 mil and sign the likes of a Gavrikov, Severson or Graves. Sign a good 3c. Maybe weaponize some of that cap. It just gives the team so many avenues to improve that aren't available to them now.</div></div>

Obviously OEL was terrible this year but he was playing with a broken foot. He was actually pretty good his first year here ($5M value according to Evolving Hockey, was -1.4M this year)

Gallagher was a bit better ($0.9M value this year according to Evolving Hockey), but has consistently been regressing every year. The Canucks also need a dman more than they need a winger, so OEL is a better fit for us

Boeser is overpaid by about 1M but still is a capable top 6 winger. He’s worth at least a 3rd if not a 2nd. Beau is a dime a dozen yes, but again is worth a mid round pick (more with retention). Dropping 20 spots to move those two leaves a hole on the wing as well. We’d have Podkolzin, Garland, and Hoglander for the 2nd/3rd lines, so we’d have to sign at least one winger and hope the young guys both take a step forward this season

Plus dropping the many spots gets us a much worse prospect. It’s just not worth it at all
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dgibb10</b></div><div>perfect lets go with the spezza example. 2nd + a young roster dman for young teemu selanne. so Nemec and Bahl, nothing else.

Lindros trade package would be a comparable if you were trading Bedard.

Schenn was a lower regarded prospect, still reterned 2 1sts.

Sergachev also a lower rated prospect and was still traded for a 53 point 21 year old

Nick Suzuki again a lower rated prospect

Berard demanded a trade and so traded for the number 2 pick. Meaningless.

Rask another lower rated prospect

Brannstrom again not the same tier of prospect.

Forsberg again not the same level of prospect

In addition anything pre salary cap era is irrelevant, as the salary cap is why ELC's and RFA years are so valuable.</div></div>

Spezza was traded for Yashin not Selanne. So the #2 pick and a young roster player for a disgruntled player that wanted out and a new expensive contract, that was also 4 years older than Hughes currently is

Schenn was very highly regarded and was traded with a 23 year old 2nd line power forward Simmonds and a 2nd round pick for Mike Richards, who was a good player but wouldn’t be as valuable as Hughes

Sergachev returned Drouin, who many expected to be a superstar

Suzuki is still a comparable, and he was traded with a 2nd and Tatar (who’s value was kinda weird at the time considering what Vegas gave up for him but then never really used him) for Pacioretty

Forsberg was one of the top prospects in the league. To this day I still don’t understand how he only returned Erat. Everybody knew it was a fleecing when it happened
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