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Forum: Trade Machine Proposals26 jun à 18 h 11
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Dutchies</b></div><div>I'm not sure Vegas needs a top center. Tuch filled in pretty good, and Stephenson was outstanding this year and was hurt in the first game. Cudo's to the Habs, they've been excellent, but each team they faced has had their 1 or 1B center knocked out of the series in the first game. The prospect would have to be pretty decent I would think. Jarry would only be a stop gap as a 1B (and a pretty expensive one) behind Ullmark until UPL is ready. Joseph would be a good add.
BUF can't afford a long rebuild. Their fanbase is starving, and they have to make it quick (within 2-3 years). Picks are ok, but they need NHL or close to NHL talent in all trades.</div></div>

Tuch is not a top line player why does everyone think he is, he is good a really good second liner. Stephenson has potential to be a number 1/2 centre. They should and need an elite centreman.

No one is going to give what buffalo wants then if they are a contender. I could see Detroit willing to give up Bertuzzi/Vrana + Dman and picks because effectively Detroit's picks are full round a head of Vegas'. But there's no contender that could honestly give up BOTH a top 6 forward centre age 25 under and a top 4 d age 25 under. Only way is through picks, then BUF has to be smart and trade those picks away for players who contenders can't hold onto due to expansion draft.

If they want it all from one team they are going to lose the trade hard.

To the guy who said Jarry is no good, he's another asset for Buffalo to utilize either for trade or to continue develop. He's only 26 he's young and has shown he can be at least a 1B goalie. Buffalo needs assets as many as they can get
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